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12 Ways To Practise Sustainability

TRENERY | Wide Legged Pant In Navy | Seymour & Ford

The journey to being a sustainable shopper can be a difficult road to navigate as there appears to be a myriad and at times dogmatic schools of thought surrounding the lifestyle.

I am a simple girl and though I love a black and white style philosophy, home decor, photography and the list goes on… when it comes to my thinking and approach to life in general I believe in finding the grey. With the sustainable and slow fashion movement gaining momentum it is imperative not to alienate consumers by shaming them if their approach to the movement is slightly more relaxed. It is far more beneficial to encourage people to make informed decisions about their shopping habits, provide education and introduce several ways people can incorporate change into their lives.

Let’s be real here, not everyone has the same budget and some brands are not attainable for everyone. That’s okay. We’re all different and we all have diverse priorities when it comes to finances. As such, it is important to look at all the ways in which consumers can be encouraged to make a difference in an industry that is unfortunately a mammoth pollutant. As the saying goes, fashion shouldn’t cost the earth so here are 12 ways I practise sustainability that can easily be incorporated into your life.


Shop for what you need not what you want. Understandably this is easier said than done at times. However, I can attest to the fact that the moment I began asking myself this question my wardrobe became more cohesive and versatile


Practice minimalism by building a capsule wardrobe founded on staples and a handful of seasonal items that can be interchanged to create several outfits.


Limit colour. A neutral style philosophy is more than just a fashion statement. Given the impact toxic chemicals and dyes have on the environment namely water systems, this is a transition that can be easily embraced. For more information pertaining to this issue please click here


Support brands that embrace a slow fashion/sustainable philosophy and question what this means to you. Perhaps they create items made to order, maybe they only use recycled materials or do they limit their production and overall stock


Limit online shopping by consolidating sessions in one hit where possible or through one retailer. This will limit use of packaging and reduce your overall carbon footprint with the delivery of goods particularly when coming from different warehouses.


Look after your garments as per care instructions to ensure longevity


Carry reusable bags to reduce packaging


Embrace your inner huntress by shopping second hand, vintage or with consignment stores


For special occasions and/or event dressing avoid purchasing items that will most likely be worn once only to sit in your closet forevermore. Instead use services which allow you to hire pieces at a fraction of the cost. My sustainable style secret is Glam Corner, a service which I have utilised time and time again thanks to their diverse range and prices.


When shopping question the lifespan of the garment in question. Remember that trends come and go but style is forever so look for pieces which are timeless


Shop for your body and embrace your style identity. When I think back to the all the times in my life where I shopped for the body I craved rather than the one I had, I cringe. Not only was this a waste of time and money but sadly it reflected a deeper issue of not embracing all that I was. Love your body and show it off by dressing it accordingly.


Rediscover old favourites my breathing life into garments that you have outgrown. For example is a simple alteration in need or maybe a complete colour change through a garment dyeing service.

TRENERY | Wide Legged Pant In Navy | Seymour & Ford