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La Femme

What I Wore | A Pop of Colour

Well it happened, I introduced colour into my wardrobe. But truth be told the limited pops of colour in my wardrobe are sacred spaces reserved for the most beautiful and versatile of pieces. With its feminine design and romantic construction Trenery’s Confetti Print Skirt made the cut. If there is one thing I adore about …

The Pantry

The Cafe Collective | Cafe Claire Annandale

When I think of today’s café discovery, three little words come to mind: Pretty In Pink. No, not the iconic film of the 1980’s staring Molly Ringwald but rather the wholemeal rosewater pink pancakes I gorged myself on this morning. For the record both the film and the pancakes get a thumbs up from little old me. I originally heard …

La Femme

What I Wore | The Ultimate Winter Dress

Having made the commitment many moons ago to reduce my wardrobe to a predominantly black and white aesthetic with a strong focus on minimalism a silent hunt has been ongoing in pursuit of the perfect, yet elusive winter dress. For anyone that knows me personally, one character trait that often gets applied quite rightly is stubbornness and …