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An Evening With Nerida Winter

If there is anything I adore about the style of eras past, it’s the concept of little white gloves and Easter bonnets. More specifically how an outfit wasn’t complete without the addition of head wear.

Millinery is an art and though today it isn’t a social requirement to wear a hat on an everyday basis that love affair results in a strong gravitational pull towards events, namely the polo or races where I can play around with different styles, looks and designs. A carefully selected hat makes an outfit. For example, surely we can all agree when Kate Winslet made her debut as Rose in Titanic we all gasped in unison as she looked up from beneath the exquisite masterpiece placed upon her head. What an entrance and quite frankly one that would not have been possible without the power of the hat in question.

When it comes to my favourite designers, celebrity milliner Nerida Winter places first on my list and having been represented on the field by celebrities and royalty alike it is evident this wonder woman is the top of many people’s list. I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Ms Winter at an event here in Sydney dedicated to showcasing her latest range. As usual I was mesmerised by her creativity, her use and blend of conventional and unconventional materials and how effortlessly she fuses haute couture and tradition. Most importantly, her passion, humbleness and warmth was truly memorable. It is that spunk that translates into her work.

So should a visit to the track be on the horizon be sure to visit Nerida Winter’s boutique based in Double Bay or online. Depending on the season, contemplate what fabrics, colour palettes and structures best compliment the racing carnival in question. Typically this means embracing straw for Spring and denser fabrics like felt and wool for Autumn. Last but not least, your hair and hat choices must form a symbiotic relationship. One cannot coexist without the other. When I think of Spring, ethereal and wispy come to mind as such I prefer to wear my hair out, perhaps slightly curled or pulled back in a loosely styled low ponytail. However, the cooler months signify structure, clean lines etc and my hairstyle choices will reflect that.