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5 Australian Accessory Brands To Elevate Your Wardrobe

The Daily Edited

A truly diverse brand, The Daily Edited is your one stop shop for personalised accessories ranging from phone cases, to hair accessories, to notebooks and bags catering to every one of life’s activities. Specialising but not limited to their renowned use of leather what The Daily Edited provides is a classic yet modern twist on the everyday essentials teaching us that beauty is all around us.

Image courtesy of @thedailyedited

George The Label

One of the myriad of ways consumers can reduce their carbon footprint is my limiting their packaging consumption. The most effective way to do is to carry a durable tote bag with you at all times. George The Label breathes life into the trusty tote and demonstrates that this everyday item can be a fashion statement on its own. Sourced from natural materials like linen, loom-spun cotton and bamboo all whilst being hand made, you will never feel the desire to return to plastic again

Image courtesy of @george_label


Ethically crafted, Elk has an accessories line ranging from an array of leather bags, to sunglasses, belts and scarves. Founded by husband and wife Marnie Goding and Adam Koniaras in 2004, Melbourne based Elk was founded on the values of intentional and conscious design and production. Slow fashion is at the heart of who they are. An investment into an Elk accessory is an investment in a staple that will form the foundation of your wardrobe for years to come.

Image courtesy of @elkthelabel

Nerida Winter

Having had the honour of meeting Nerida herself a few years ago I was not only blown away by her talent but her clear passion for her craft. A true Aussie gem, Nerida Winter has consistently created works of art that have been adored by celebrities and royalty alike and for good reason. Her hats and headpieces are timeless, versatile and will forever remain at the forefront of iconic and eye catching style.

Image courtesy of @neridawinter

Alix Yang

Launched in 2017, Alix Yang seeks to create traditional jewellery favourites for the modern woman. Featuring everything from necklaces, rings to anklets her collections dance between bold pieces designed to make a statement and those crafted with minimalism in mind. In addition, Alix experiments with masculine and feminine elements creating pieces that are unique as the women who wear them.

Image courtesy of @alixyangjewellery