5 Rules To Clear Skin

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Invest in quality skincare and ensure that the products you are using are active products being absorbed by the skin rather than sitting on top of the skin. As part of your skin cleansing routine ensure to exfoliate a few times a week to remove excess build of dead skin cells and encourage skin renewal. My own personal routine includes the application of specialised serums and creams morning and night scientifically designed to prevent and repair damge caused by the sun which equates to 80% of facial ageing.

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Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Given our bodies are predominantly made up of water and are constantly loosing this water through breathing, sweating and daily activities it is essential we replenish our bodies. The benefits of drinking water are known far and wide but if you struggle drinking the recommend daily intake of H2O use an app to monitor your intake, infuse your water with chia seeds, mint leaves and fruit or create nutrient dense smoothies built on water rather than dairy or dairy substitutes.

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Eat clean

Don’t get me wrong, I have a serious cheese pizza addiction to the point I dream about my favourite food and admittedly I wake up everyday craving my favourite food. Life is about having fun and enjoying all sorts of delicious goodies but at the same time you cannot continually abuse your body as it will manifest internally and externally. I personally struggle to consume a suitable amount of fruits and vegetables so the way I get around that is by making smoothies rich in vitamins and nutrients. I think it is also important to find out what food groups work for you and which ones don’t. My skin suffers if I indulge in too much dairy which I recognize is a reaction to my endocrine disease so monitor your external reactions and seek medical advice if necessary.

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Be Makeup Safe

Keep you makeup brushes and sponges clean to fight the inevitable build up of bacteria and be sure to throw away expired makeup to avoid reactions to formulas no longer considered safe. For brushes/sponges used on cream based products I prefer to wash these weekly using warm water and baby shampoo typically because the formula is designed to be gentle. For brushes used on dry products like blush or eyeshadow I opt for a monthly cleanse. When it comes to cleansing ensure you are just washing the bristles as you don’t want to disrupt the glue at the base of the handle or the structural integrity of the brush. In addition, don’t be over generous with the shampoo and water as you don’t want excess product to fall at the base of the brush causing a build up in bacteria if not rinsed thoroughly. Lastly if possible hang your brushes upside down to allow them to drip dry thereby avoiding sedimentation.

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Get your beauty sleep

If you deprive yourself of sleep your skin will show the burden as this time is crucial for rejuvination and repair. However, living such busy lives in a modern world it can be difficult to fall asleep let alone get an adequate amount of sleep each night. Avoid caffeine and exercise before bed, give yourself time to unwind and turn you phone off so you are not tempted by the call  of the internet. Should anxiety be keeping you up at night I personally find meditation to be a huge benefit to relieving feelings of stress or even penning my thoughts through journal writing has proved a cleansing tool aiding my overall sleep.

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