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6 Australian Jewellery Brands To Lust After

1 | Kate & Kole

Image courtesy of @kateandkole

Fusing the past with the present Kate & Kole embraces traditional jewellery making with modern practices making each piece a marriage of craftsmanship. Hailing from Newcastle, minimalism defines their aesthetic. Kate & Kole is perfect for the woman looking for a collection that is equally elegant, feminine and defined.

2 | Mountain & Moon

Image courtesy of @mountainandmoon

Designed to make a statement, a piece by Mountain & Moon will elevate any look and bring a sense of drama to any outfit. Known for their unique architecture, bold spirit and luxe feel their designs are for the woman unafraid to command attention and looking to bring the exotic to the everyday

3 | By Charlotte

Image courtesy of @bycharlotte

Born in 2012, Charlotte Blakeney crafts pieces to stand alone and to be layered effortlessly. They are for the woman who enjoys adorning herself in delicate designs, who dresses with intention and whose feminine spirit is defined by an appreciation for minimalism.

4 | Bianca Mavrick Jewellery

Image courtesy of @biancamavrick

Unafraid to be truly unique, a Bianca Mavrick piece is for the woman who dares to be different and seeks soulful pieces. She values rarity, individuality and sculptural statements.

5 | YCL Jewels

Image courtesy of @ycljewels

Created amongst the sunny shores of Australia’s Gold Coast, YCL Jewels founder Fabienne is a self taught artisan jeweller who teaches women that anything is possible when you pursue what you love. With every piece of the YCL Jewels “carved, cut, filed, & polished by hand” this is a brand for women who value craftsmanship, attention to detail and pieces made with love.

6 | Enesea

Image courtesy of @eneseajewellery

Hand crafted, limited edition and made to order Enesea is the epitome of a slow and sustainable jewellery brand. With a strong focus on pearls, Enesea’s creations bring a modern approach to this traditional gemstone. Enesea is for the woman with an appreciation for a classic aesthetic with unmasked individuality

*Featured image courtesy of @ycljewels*