Travel Diaries | 6 Health Benefits of Travel

When planning to travel taking steps to maintain your heath is part of the holiday planning process from undergoing a series of vaccinations, to buying appropriate clothes for malaria prevention to assembling a practical first aide kid it could initially be perceived that travel potentially poses risks to your health. Taking health precautions without a doubt are an essential factor of travel life but with so much focus on all the things that could go wrong we seem to forget the spiritual, mental and physical health benefits that travel will generate.

Today I am teaming up with Positive Health Wellness to explore the benefits of travel that go beyond sight seeing and cheeky bragging rights. Inspired by Karen Reed’s in depth exploration “8 Reasons Why Travelling is Good For Your Health” which upon reading will spark a desire in anyone to pack their bags and venture beyond their comfort zone these are the fundamental health benefits travel has brought to my life through the years.

T R A V E L  R E D U C E S  S T R E S S

Though the joys of travel might bring with it some stressful moments overall it has been proven to drastically decrease levels of stress. Reduction in stress through the means of travel might solely appear to benefit mental health, however stress has the ability to manifest physically and left unchecked can lead to numerous issues like elevated blood pressure, risk of stroke and hypertension to name a few. The impact of stress in our lives can be dire not only for our wellbeing but for our relationships. We owe it to ourselves to step away from the daily grind to allow ourselves to relax and rejuvenate.

T R A V E L  I M P R O V E S  R E L A T I O N S H I P S

Poet, Thomas Haynes Bayly once penned that “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” and since being coined in 1844 this phrase has taken on new meaning in regards to personal relationships. As much as human beings are social creatures, sometimes we need a break from those within our circle and time apart through travel can make us appreciate what we have in the people around us. On the contrary, travel and quality time together can revitalize and strengthen relationships that might be in need of a little tlc whilst travelling alone can improve the most important relationship that being the one we have with ourselves.

T R A V E L  K E E P S  Y O U  A C T I V E

Ignoring the fact that travel requires being seated in the upright position for long periods of time to reach a particular destination sightseeing by its very nature requires participants to hit the pavement and explore from dawn to dusk. Travel is by far my favourite form of cardio.

T R A V E L  G I V E S  Y O U  A  N E W  P E R S P E C T I V E

Exposure to new cities, people, cultures  and different ways of life can expand the mind as well as your horizons. Not only is this exposure beneficial for spiritual wellbeing but mentally we arrive home with a new perspective and appreciation for all that we have. It is easy to get wrapped up in the negative aspects of our lives, travel and exposure to the reality of others allows us to reflect on the things we often take for granted leading to a healthier perspective on life.

T R A V E L  I N S P I R E S  Y O U  T O  L O O K  A F T E R  Y O U R  H E A L T H

As stated in the opening of this blogpost planning a holiday requires one to pay attention to their health to ensure they are fit to travel. In addition to ensuring your vaccinations are up to date an impending adventure can be the perfect source of inspiration to get into shape. Perhaps you’re planning to hike to Everest Base Camp, or go snowboarding in New Zealand or bike riding through the south of France either way active holidays are a great catalyst for an overall active lifestyle. On a more personal note as someone who lives with an endocrine disease my greatest love, travel, has had to take a back seat this past year whilst my body recovered. My desire to travel again has served as one of my biggest inspirations to get better and learn how to manage my condition so that I can enjoy the world around me once more.

T R A V E L  E X P O S E S  Y O U  T O  E S S E N T I A L  V I T A M I N S

Vitamin D is predominantly recognized as essential for the maintenance of healthy bones but it is also an essential nutrient the body requires to combat a range of infections and diseases that extend beyond skeletal problems. There are a multitude of factors that contribute to vitamin d deficiency ranging from weight, age and conditions which cause malabsorption but with modern lifestyles that generally keep us indoors particularly in colder climates/months the lack of exposure to the natural source of vitamin d, sunshine, is a contributing factor to deficiency or insufficiency. A much needed holiday forces you outside into the fresh air. Just remember to be sun smart. In addition, the exposure to new environments is bound to strengthen our own immune systems overall aiding our physical health. Now that’s what I call a probiotic.

There are many benefits of travel and though improved health is often overlooked it is one of the greatest rewards travel can bring … so what are you waiting for?

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