La Femme

7 New Zealand Designers To Fall In Love With


Constructed with quality at its core, Benjamin Alexander demonstrates that luxury and ethical practices can be synonymous. This is a brand that believes in transparency and the supporting of local and international artisans


With low key essentials forming the basis of Marle, this is a brand that designs with intention and considers their effect on the environment every stage of the production process. From sourcing natural materials, to keeping production runs small and investing in compositable packaging Marle is the brand to watch


Timeless, trans-seasonal classics is at the heart of Paris Georgia. Refined lines and strong silhouettes, this is a brand for a women looking to invest in pieces that will make a statement and form the backbone of their wardrobes.


Built to last, Juliette Hogan self named label has earned a reputation for curating elegant wardrobe basics. Specialising in working with natural materials like silk, cotton, linen and wool and adhering to a neutral palette, her pieces will effortlessly work with your wardrobe


With a focus on clean lines and minimalism Mina is investment for those looking for the building blocks of their wardrobe. Produced consciously in New Zealand, Mina’s commitment to slow fashion is that core of her business structure


If there is one thing I have come to love about Maggie Marilyn aside from the luxurious pieces centred around elevating the everyday, it is their openness with their consumer about their business practices and price structure. Their genuine and honest spirit, in addition to their love for the environment, makes Maggie Marilyn a leader in the industry and the slow fashion movement alike


Slow and sustainable fashion is at the core of Caitlin Crisp, a value expressed in the sourcing of natural materials and keeping production runs small. Being consciously crafted in New Zealand, supporting the local industry is reflected in all their creative and business choices