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9 Other Royal Wedding Dresses You Need To See

Well ring a ding ding, what a year it has been for royal weddings.

Alas, I did have to watch Prince Harry aka the man of my dreams wed the exquisite Meghan Markle. However, in that moment I discovered one should never underestimate the power of ice cream and how flippant my love for my fellow ginger really was as I found myself falling out of love with Harry and in love with Meghan’s Givenchy veil intricately embroidered with flowers from the Commonwealth. The symbolism was pure class and showcased Meghan’s pride stepping into her new role. Unfortunately, in my opinion though the simplicity of the dress was timeless it still left me wanting more in terms of tailoring.

Over the weekend, the House of Windsor celebrated another milestone with the marriage of Princess Eugenie to her beau and her choice of dress left me speechless. Designers Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos created something that will stand the test of time and complimented her frame perfectly. In a world where lace appears to rule the market in terms of modern wedding dresses I enjoyed seeing a thicker fabric utilised but crafted so beautifully that it wasn’t heavy. Though the silhouette is not something I would gravitate towards for myself, the cut on Eugenie was a defining style moment for this modern day princess.

Now as someone obsessed with British royalty, to the point I ardently believed well into my teens that I would marry either William or Harry I have also developed an interest in other monarchies throughout Europe. When it comes to weddings or events in general, the British with their spectacular pomp and ceremony do it best. With that said the other regal brides of Europe have a tendency to be overlooked and with it gowns that exist in a league of their own. Here are my personal favourites through the years.


P R I N C E S S   C L A I R E   O F   L U X E M B O U R G

E l l i e   S a a b

Images courtesy of Hello Magazine & Ellie Saab


S O F I A  P A L A Z U E L O   D U C H E S S   O F   A L B A

T e r e s a   P a l a z u e l o

Image courtesy of Popsugar


B E A T R I C E   B O R R O M E O   O F   M O N A C O

V a l e n t i n o

Images courtesy US Hello Magazine & The Royal Couturier


A L E S S A N D R A   D E   O S M A   O F   H A N O V E R

J o r g e  V á z q u e z

Image courtesy of Hello Magazine


P R I N C E S S   E K A T E R I N A   O F   H A N O V E R

S a n d r a   M a n s o u r

Images courtesy of Vogue & Sandra Mansour


L A D Y   C H A R L O T T E   W E L L E S L E Y

E m i l i a   W i c k s t e a d


P R I N C E S S   C H A R L E N E   O F   M O N A C O

G i o r g i o   A r m a n i   P r i v é

Images courtesy of Popsugar & Vogue


S T E P H A N I E ,   H E R E D I T A R Y   G R A N D   D U C H E S S   O F   L U X E M B O U R G

 E l l i e   S a a b
Image courtesy of Hello Magazine
P R I N C E S S   E L I S A B E T T A   O F   B E L G I U M
V a l e n t i n o
Images courtesy of Hello Magazine & Valentino