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An Homage To Kacey Devlin

When I made the decision to pursue fashion as a career at the start of this year I was fortunate enough to start work with one of Australia’s leading e-commerce brands. Through this experience I was under the tutelage of renowned industry professionals and exposed to a wide range of international and Australian designers. From the likes of Christopher Esber, to Anna Quan, Matin it has been an education that I feel blessed to have had.

From the start there was one designer that caught my eye due to their vision, distinct craftsmanship and clear brand identity, Kacey Devlin. Her designs were the epitome of simplicity yet constructed in a manner that they could be worn multiple ways. What I adored about Kacey as a designer was her commitment to sustainability, producing Australian made garments and her dedication to her customer’s consistently exercised by creating garments that could effortlessly be paired with the wearer’s wardrobe. In a world of fashion, that sense of realism was refreshing and quite frankly it is why her pieces are true investments.

On a more personal note, it was a Kacey Devlin ensemble that reminded me of who I was when I was feeling somewhat lost. For the longest time I have been confused about my own identity and this was reflected in my changing style throughout the years. Oh the poor fashion choices I have made. Yikes. Since finding minimalism, reducing colour and overall simplifying my style I found myself. However, recently I began having those niggling feelings of self doubt that plagues us all. As a fashion lover, fashion student and fashion professional I was having burgeoning feelings that I wasn’t good enough as I adore simplicity. Yet I remember being at the office when her final collection arrived and falling in love with her work. I was reminded in that moment that there is beauty in simple lines, neutrals and knowing who you are.

There was one particular item of Kacey’s final collection that caught my eye as pictured here, being the Rational Wrap Blouse available through The Undone. It reminded me of a similar item my Mother wore when I was growing up and how she always looked so chic and beautiful. For years I would sneak into her wardrobe to steal this particular top. For this alone and combined with the renowned quality, I knew Kacey Devlin’s Rational Wrap Blouse would be a staple in my own wardrobe forevermore…

And maybe perhaps there’s a hope my future daughter will sneak into my own closet one day and steal it too. So though Kacey Devlin made the decision to follow other creative interests in 2019 her brand will live on, of that I am certain.


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Sarah Braden Photography