Meaghan is the creator behind the blog Seymour & Ford. With my roots founded in travel this was the original inspiration behind S&F which has steadily evolved to include my love for lifestyle, beauty & style.

As an Australian, I grew up isolated from the rest of the world, a blessing as it inspired my curiosity beyond the sea. Every Australian has a story about where they are from way back when or not so long ago. Our collective lineage is international and I know mine is what sparked my interest from a young age to venture overseas and experience different cultures. Through these years of exploration I have come to appreciate lifestyle, beauty & style in all its forms.

Currently based in Sydney, I recently returned from living in Dubai and have called London, Montreal, Seoul and Dublin home. Seymour & Ford is a site dedicated to capturing the beauty of our world, its people, diverse cuisines, cultures, art, events and landscapes all whilst inspiring others to explore it.

*I would like to thank those who helped make my blog a reality. My incredible parents for always supporting me, my darling brother for encouraging me to write and my dear friend Yas for being the technical brains behind the operation and patient photographer on the road. Couldn’t have started this journey without you all*

Featured image credit Oliver Clarke and Kurt Sneddon