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Accessoires | The Nude Heel

If Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge has taught women worldwide anything it’s that 1) fairy tales do come true when it comes to snagging a modern day Prince Charming and 2) that a nude heel is a must for any working wardrobe.

… Well come to think of it perhaps she has given us ladies false hope where fairy tales are concerned… because my dreams of royalty were dashed when another Meghan nabbed a certain ginger haired Prince.

Now with Catherine being governed by protocol she is often seen in a closed in nude pump, however, with summer just around the corner an open toe nude sandal is what I call the shoe of the season. Due to it’s overall flexibility I am inclined to go so far to say the shoe of the century. You see the neutral colour palette allows it to be effortlessly paired with any outfit, any material, can add dimension if your styling an all black ensemble and adds seductive length to any leg. As a shortie… I like that… a lot.

With this design recognised as an eternal style staple it is a shoe readily available to women anywhere no matter their budget. The Iconic alone has a myriad of nude heeled sandals available and most recently I replenished my wardrobe with this classic shoe for only $19.95 via Country Road’s online outlet.

Demure, feminine, stylish and sexy the nude heeled sandal can convey it all.