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An Hommage To The White Sneaker

With the myriad of shoes on the market the trusty white sneaker has a secret superpower. It can be paired with anything from gym gear to wedding dresses.

Attention must be paid to the shoe that has reached icon status.

Renowned for its style and ability to look good on both men and women, the white sneaker has been a cultural style fixture since the 1970’s. With a beginning in sportswear, it has surpassed the limitations applied to it to become synonymous with street style, a suitcase essential and for the daring a no fuss statement for the night.

What has made this style loved by all for decades on end and undoubtedly decades to come?

Colour and cut.

The bold white offsets any outfit, whilst being a neutral compliments any shade paired with it and as the pristine colour is often associated with luxury instantly elevates any look. In addition, the low top design is both refined and timeless given it a clean silhouette and back to basics aesthetic.

With every brand developing their own homage to the white sneaker fortunately this is a style staple we can all easily relish in. This is a shoe that consistently has proven its staying power and as such this is one item you won’t regret buying and one guaranteed to provide ultimate cost per wear.


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Sarah Braden Photography