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La Femme

Thoughts From Quarantine

As I write this, the world is in lockdown. This is a daunting season filled with uncertainty and worry but if the human experience has taught us anything, it is that every season comes to pass. Until that point I adapt to the new normal of today with gratitude in my heart for those on …

La Femme

My Go To Errand Ensemble

When it comes to quickly popping up to the shops or running errands it can be easy to throw on some tracksuit pants and call it day. However, there’s always the risk of running into someone you know or perhaps even someone you have once dated. Been there. Done that. Thus, subsequently learnt my lesson …

La Femme

An Hommage To The White Sneaker

With the myriad of shoes on the market the trusty white sneaker has a secret superpower. It can be paired with anything from gym gear to wedding dresses. Attention must be paid to the shoe that has reached icon status. Renowned for its style and ability to look good on both men and women, the …

Beauty & Lifestyle

The Low Down On Glasses

When it comes to investing in eye-wear, it is an accessory that is often overlooked. However, for many glasses are more than just a fashion accessory but their basic function deems them an everyday staple. As we are all about staples here on this blog, when it comes to the humble spectacle, attention must be …

La Femme

Tackling The Problem Of Packaging

Since the rise of eCommerce our modified shopping habits has also given rise to another pollutant… packaging From a business perspective, packaging is recognised as an integral part of the consumer experience, a way in which we recognise a brand and through this recognition a way to make a social statement. Yet for something that …