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La Femme

Shop Sensibly With StyleFyle

Shop mindfully. Spend wisely At the heart of fashion is a basic human need. Clothes are essentially a mechanism to our individual survival. Over time, through the burgeoning and influence of culture, fashion has become more than a need rather a means of communication, self expression and a want. Participating in this marketplace can be …

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Sans Plastic

I have found myself dreaming of the Southern Highlands, a picturesque part of Australia that calls to my Celtic roots. Within these conscious escapes from the daily grind, I envision a small white cottage enveloped by a neat yet purpose built garden, my family of rescue animals and a pig named Atticus. This desire to …

La Femme

Introducing The UnCommons Vintage

Within days of turning 20 I made the choice to relocate to London from my native Australia. The goal was to find myself, see the world and hopefully bag a prince. Though my dream of becoming royalty did not come to fruition, my time in London fundamentally changed the direction of my life. The truth …

La Femme

Buy Your Own Damn Bling

Elizabeth Taylor famously divulged that “jewellery has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique.” When it comes to all things bling, I can’t think of a more honest sentiment. After all, this is an everlasting market that is destined to have something for anyone and everyone. Equally so when …

Beauty & Lifestyle

More Than A Mask

The question has long been posed as to whether art imitates life or does life imitate art? When it comes to the world of fashion, this question of imitation is complex. On one hand all the facets that go into fashion from design, to marketing to visual merchandising all work to influence the consumer. As …

La Femme

On Mondays We Wear Masks

If 2020 has taught me anything, it is to never say never. I have a distinct memory almost a year to date sitting in my local small bar discussing the black plague with my boyfriend at the time. I am haunted by the words that left my mouth that evening, being that “thankfully humanity will …