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La Femme

Feminizing the Boyfriend Jean

I recently purged my wardrobe of all items that no longer suited my style philosophy. It was cleansing yet horrifying at the same time having seen first hand how much money had been wasted on clothes that simply weren’t me. During this cathartic experience I realised my jeans had been worn to death and mentally made a note …

The Travel Collective

Postcards From Lisbon

The first thing that struck me as I descended over Lisbon was its vibrancy. Despite arriving towards the end of the winter season the sun was shining and danced off the terracotta roofs beneath us. After living in Europe and visiting many of her glorious cities I have become accustomed to always knowing what to …

La Femme

How To Dress Down Satin For the Day

Satin, a weave derived from silk, has long been synonymous with luxury since its development centuries ago in China. Enter the modern age and satin has become a readily accessible fabric blend typically reserved for evening wear or special occasions like weddings. Perhaps this is a result of its distinctive sheen but I would go so far …

La Femme

What I Wore | Weekend Stripes

A striped shirt is an essential component to any wardrobe, it is a pattern that can be worn all year long and matched with everything from denim, to leather, skirts to shorts. However, we all know stripes can be a challenge to pull off and I have come to realise that fabric choice plays a key …

La Femme

What I Wore | The Sweeping Skirt

Spring has sprung, and with summer in the air one thing was certain: it was time to cleanse my wardrobe of the old and compose a wish list of the new. Now making it to this list is an exclusive affair, the item in question has to surpass that of an immediate want but rather fulfil a need in my …