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La Femme

Sustainable Materials To Love

Conscious consumerism can be exhausting. We all lead busy lives with endless things to consider from the moment we wake to the moment we sleep. Sustainable fashion is far down the priority list for most people as a result of our demanding schedules. Yet there are little things we can practice as consumers that require …

La Femme

An Homage To Kacey Devlin

When I made the decision to pursue fashion as a career at the start of this year I was fortunate enough to start work with one of Australia’s leading e-commerce brands. Through this experience I was under the tutelage of renowned industry professionals and exposed to a wide range of international and Australian designers. From …

La Femme

Spring Travel | Day Wear Essentials

As an ex flight attendant and an ex expatriate (say that three times fast) living out of a suitcase has been standard. In fact, the constant packing and frustration with my non functional wardrobe is what sparked my appreciation and need for the less is more approach. Minimalism is dependent on a capsule wardrobe and …

La Femme

The Everyday Pieces Every Woman Needs

Though most of my time is spent deciding whether or not it is socially acceptable to head out in my fluffy socks and matching fluffy robe admittedly there is something therapeutic about dressing for the day ahead. I refer to it as putting on my armour, especially when having a bad day never under estimate …

TRENERY | Wide Legged Pant In Navy | Seymour & Ford
La Femme

12 Ways To Practise Sustainability

The journey to being a sustainable shopper can be a difficult road to navigate as there appears to be a myriad and at times dogmatic schools of thought surrounding the lifestyle. I am a simple girl and though I love a black and white style philosophy, home decor, photography and the list goes on… when …

La Femme

Winter Travel Essentials | Weekend Edit

OVERCOAT L K Bennett A layering staple for winter a quality overcoat when chosen correctly should be a timeless investment. Spend time assessing whether the cut, colour and style suits your body shape as this is an item that should be effortlessly paired with your winter ensembles. BLACK CROSSBODY BAG Oroton Large totes for day …

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The Non Bridal Bride Edit

Like most little girls I was obsessed with bridal wear and many weekends were spent designing gowns and planning the nuptials of my barbie dolls who all had to share the one groom thanks to the one Ken doll I owned. Did someone say #sisterwives. As I entered my teens and began to understand the …

La Femme

The Importance of the Ankle Boot

As the cooler days become mainstream it is time to start experimenting with closed in shoes If there is one addition every wardrobe needs it is the black ankle boot. With so many boots on the market there are two factors that make this piece a key investment: its ability to be paired with multiple …