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When Activewear Is An Exercise In Ethics;
La Femme

When Activewear Is An Exercise In Ethics

d+k Active Image courtesy of @dplusk.thelabel Proudly designed and manufactured in Australia, d+k Active incorporates sustainable decisions into their everyday practices. From producing locally to limit their impact, to re-purposing left over fabric to recycling all of which cannot be re-used d+k Active approaches every aspect of their business mindfully. If this wasn’t enough, this …

SARAH LLOYD | Duchess of Cambridge | Seymour & Ford
La Femme

The 5 Outwear Staples To Coat Yourself In

From jackets, coats to blazers it can easily be overwhelming deciding what outerwear is worth the investment and provide true value for money when it comes to cost per wear. The good news is that in spite of there being a myriad of options on the market in reality only 5 jacket/coat staples are needed …

MARYSIA | Black One Piece Swimsuit | Seymour & Ford
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8 Sustainable Swimwear Brands To Soak In

For such a tiny garment, the swimsuit can have a monumental effect on the environment For something so innocent looking, the question is how can this be? It is all in the synthetic materials that we traditionally utilise that results in the swimsuit being classed as problematic. From nylon, spandex to polyester these are all …

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Style Tips | How To Wear Grey

Growing up and particularly in recent years my way of thinking has become incredibly black and white to the extent it is expressed in my wardrobe, my home furnishings and sometimes even my refusal to write in anything but a black pen. Extreme, I know As much as I appreciate all the colours of the …

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The 6 Denim Staples We All Need

Who knew that the little girl who despised wearing jeans as a child would grow into an adult obsessed with them And they say people don’t change pffft However, this journey to deep denim affection has been plagued with some pretty questionable fashion choices along the way, but live and learn. As my appreciation for …

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Outfit Inspiration | Date Night

When it comes to dressing for date night with your special someone we all know it can be stressful deciding what to wear and how to wear it. The number one challenge when it comes to dressing for these evening is knowing what you are dressing for. As someone still on the single scene I …

La Femme

Styling The Oversized Blazer

Born in the 80’s if there is one thing in particular I love about my decade of birth, it is the fashion I think what I appreciate most about the eighties aesthetic is that everyone appeared to honour their own style expression and celebrated who they were. The boldness of the silhouettes , the oversized …