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La Femme

The Beauty of Brown

It can be daunting when making the decision to switch to a neutral style philosophy. Granted, I understand this can concept can initially seem restrictive.  However my belief is that a closet of neutrals in turn broadens your closet due to each colour’s ability to be paired together. PARIS, FRANCE – MARCH 05: Leonie Hanne …

La Femme

Outfit Inspiration | Contrasting Textures

It is very easy when dressing to gravitate towards fabric compositions that share a commonality Should you be looking to change things up, experiment with your look or simply bring a wow factor to your outfit, juxtaposing textures will elevate your ensemble. Should you be unsure of where to start distressed denim provides a perfect …

La Femme

Fifty Shades Of Grey

Call me crazy or blissfully unaware, when the title Fifty Shades Of Grey began gaining momentum in pop culture I thought it was an homage to fashion regarding dressing your body. I wasn’t wrong on the body part, but I was wrong in many other ways. As I was reminded of this blunder whilst perusing …

La Femme

The Quest For Silver & Gold

When pondering about all the wardrobe items and accessories that make up part of daily lives, is there anything more personal than our jewellery choices? With the exception of our trusty personals if you know what I mean. Perhaps, this is because of the manner in which jewellery is received. Rarely is it something that …

La Femme

How To Dress Elegantly In Polka Dots

Dressing in dots will always be in vogue, but achieving a look that is understated and elegant can be difficult as polka dots can quickly become a retro aesthetic.  Now as someone obsessed with 1950’s vintage fashion there is nothing wrong with this style if that is the look that best represents you. In fact, …

La Femme

Style Staple | The Black Shirt

When thinking of all the items that contribute to a capsule wardrobe in the realm of buttoned shirts this is usually limited to the classic white shirt Now don’t get me wrong the white shirt is a must for any wardrobe, but its black counterpart is often overlooked. With just as much to contribute in …