La Femme

Be My Baaby

My mother often remarks that growing up I was a water baby. Even amidst the chill of winter you would find me dancing in the sprinkler.

This love for the water never left. There is nothing more liberating than fully submerging into a pool, feeling absolute weightlessness overcome you as you drown out the sounds of the world. For me the water is where I have often found my connection to my home. Spending almost a decade living and travelling abroad in various countries the scent of sea salt never failed to alleviate my homesickness for Australia. No matter where I have lived, be it Dubai or Dublin, my free time was spent answering a call to the ocean and though on the other side of the world, in those moments I was transported to my island home.

It has long been understood that the ocean is more than just our planet’s life source, rather it is the life support for all of Earth’s inhabitants. It is more than just a source of food or a one stop shop for entertainment and activities. Our oceans regulate our climate, provides 70 % of our oxygen all whilst absorbing substantial quantities of carbon dioxide. Moreover the greatest abundance of planet’s life is found spanning the extent of the Pacific, to the Indian, Arctic and Atlantic. We have a duty as consumers to ensure its health and ultimately our own.

The ocean provides so much and in return we as consumers can give back by making conscious choices namely supporting swimwear brands that are structured around sustainability. Australian brand, Baaby was born from this philosophy and diligently works to provide stylish swimwear that doesn’t cost the earth. Low impact practices are evident in every layer of the Baaby brand and we should all support home grown talent that works to make a difference.

With their transparent practices, Baaby not only leads the way, it sets an example all whilst encouraging consumers and the swimwear industry to look at how a low impact philosophy can be achieved. Baaby ships all of their online orders by way of compostable packaging, designed to biodegrade, this can easily be disposed of in our green waste bins at home. Intentional design is further exercised in the choice of materials for their swing tags, all of which are sourced from recycled paper and fastened with string constructed from hemp. Known for is ability to biodegrade or be recycled, hemp requires very little water in order to grow making its inclusion in the Baaby brand as equally revolutionary as their no plastic policy.

Last but not least , their dedication to the environment is expressed in their choice of fabrication. Regenerated nylon, known as Econyl crafted from ocean waste, forms the foundation of their versatile and interchangeable collection. The swimwear is designed to partake in a circular economy, not only through the use of Econyl, but manufacturing the fabric by way of renewable energy only all whilst ensuring its ability to be recycled forevermore.

The Ronnette’s famously sung in their hit Be My Baby, so won’t you say you love me, I’ll make you so proud of me. I think it is fair to say that when it comes to Baaby, yes we are proud of you.

*Swimwear imagery belongs to Baaby Swim*