Social Diary | AO Skincare Launch

If there is one thing that has been drummed into my head since I was a little girl it’s that the key to good skin is pure commitment.

Commitment to daily use of sunscreen.

Commitment to hydration.

Commitment to a nutritious diet.

Commitment to skincare regime.

The latter of which can be a difficult field to navigate given the abundance of products available on the market. However, if there is anything the average consumer needs to be aware of when investing in a skincare brand it’s searching for active ingredients. The truth is there are products which sit on the skin then there are products that get absorbed by the skin. Absorption is key.

As someone who is obsessed with skincare, I am always on the lookout to educate myself about the market, what’s new, what works and what I should try next. This week I was honoured to attend the exclusive launch of New Zealand brand AO Skincare developed by Harvard trained specialist dermatologist Dr Mark Gray and as someone who is very critical of products I am thrilled to see AO enter the playground.

The core of my happiness stems from three little reasons when it comes to AO Skincare:

1) They utilise potent botanicals uniquely sourced from New Zealand

2) They utilise raw active ingredients cold processed to ensure potency

3) They believe in a cruelty free brand that is not dependent on traditional emulsifiers, parabens, sulphates and artificial fragrances

In addition to the development of a sunscreen, AO Skincare has also produced a cleanser, day moisturiser, serum, night moisturiser and retinol cream. Admittedly, at first, a multi step process when it comes to skincare might be daunting for those new to a committed routine but the concept of having different products for different times of the day has been part of my own skin regime for almost a decade. Upon seeing this I instantly knew that AO Skincare and myself were compatible.

The inspiration behind such product variety stems from Dr Mark Gray who is of the belief that your skin being the largest organ is constantly adapting to its surrounding environment and therefore has altering needs throughout the course of the day. This is an ethos I fully support because what your skin needs upon waking up in the morning is different to what it needs at night after being exposed to pollution, sunlight, stress and all sorts of shenanigans from our daily lives.

So with that said, welcome AO Skincare and thank you Cryomed Australia for hosting such a beautiful night.

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