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It has been a long and arduous search, but good things truly come to those who wait as the best chai latte in Sydney has hit my lips, thus legitimizing my tea and coffee habit. You heard it here first folks: Roseville’s Calibrate Coffee is the new café to try in Sydney’s lower north shore.

The café itself is quintessentially minimalist in terms of aesthetic inspired by a Scandinavian approach to interior design, use of space and colour.  This clean and crisp vibe immediately made me feel calm, invited and that I was back in Sweden. As a lover of everything Nordic, Calibrate Coffee won me over visually and their inviting, jolly stuff combined with their quick service and fantastic bites solidified the deal.

Seating, though offered both inside and out, is limited so would be diners will want to avoid busy times particularly on weekends as this cafés popularity will only continue to boom. The café is small, yet quaint further contributing to its overall charm and personality. In my experience working within the hospitality industry all those years pursuing my university degree, a smaller setting alleviates pressure off the staff allowing them to better engage with their patrons and creates a more relaxed atmosphere for everyone. Calibrate truly creates a serene ambience and is a great environment in which to unwind.

The whole foods based menu is succinct, yet offers a diverse range of breakfast and lunch meals that is dietary inclusive and most importantly healthy. For vegetarians do not pass up the chance to savour the simply named avo dish, which is anything but simple. Infused with an array of spices, herbs and a hint of chilli combined with poached eggs and goats cheese you will be transfixed by the flavor combination. For those looking for an Australian breakfast classic the bacon and egg roll served on a seeded sourdough bun is the epitome of comfort food at its finest … especially on cozy winter mornings.

Whatever you choose to order you will notice the clean and fresh approach taken by Calibrate to their interior presentation translates into the presentation of their dishes. The attention to detail in every facet of this burgeoning café is what makes it stand out and will cement its place in Roseville as the place to eat for years to come as long as the staff and owners remain committed to their style and vision. I have faith that they will because the professionalism and brand identity is evident in their wait staff.

This attention to detail also extends to their coffee production, with the owners focusing on importing specialty beans and creating their own unique blends . Even if you’re not a foodie, coffee enthusiasts need to sample from their beverage menu and dare I say those who don’t even drink coffee or tea might find themselves crossing to the dark side of caffeine appreciation after a visit to Calibrate. The 9 spiced chai latte and matcha latte have left me salivating still even though it has been a few days since my first visit. It is difficult to find a chai latte made well with many barista creations simply to sweet for my palette. Calibrate understands that when it comes to sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what chai’s were made for and they get it right. With that said for those accustomed to heavily sweetened chai it might initially seem like a challenge to your senses, it is an acquired taste which is guaranteed to win you over.

Address | 1 Lord Street , Roseville, Sydney, NSW

Hours | Open daily 6am – 3am

Location |  Located within short walking distance from Roseville’s station, a journey from the CBD will take commuters 20 minutes by train. For those who drive, street parking is available

Instagram |  @calibrate_coffee

Note: Featured image used courtesy of @calibrate_coffee,

Calibrate Coffee Roseville