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There’s a place in Sydney’s north “where the beer flows like wine where beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano. A little place called Aspen Chowder Bay”

It is here you will find a small bounty of cafes and restaurants nestled comfortably between Balmoral on Sydney’s lower north shore and the glistening expansive water that makes up her harbour. I am currently working my way through the eateries which strike my fancy but admittedly going forth I will be somewhat biased as everything in the vicinity will be compared to the hidden gem that is East Coast Lounge.

It is so hidden I was hesitant to divulge East Coast Lounge through my blog because the vibe epitomizes what serenity should be and thus is the perfect way to kick start a low key weekend. However, though I can be trusted with any secret this integrity doesn’t extend to good food finds. Gotta share that foodie love. Additionally, the limited seating on offer in combination with its relatively remote location (a car is a must) and overall surrounding environment I cannot imagine the serenity of East Coast Lounge ever being compromised.

The seating is limited primarily because the majority of the space is occupied with high end homeware goods for sale all of which have been carefully chosen to compliment their Hamptom aesthetic and presented in a way that makes you feel as though you are a guest in someone’s house. At one end sits a coffee counter with the most appetizing sweets on display… the lemon tarts are still haunting me with their zesty temptation. The centre of the house is occupied with the aforementioned homeware goods and resting at the other end in a separate part of the cottage is the dining room.

Everything about the environment will leave you feeling happy as the décor is bright and inviting, the staff are calm and kind and the food … A M A Z I N G. Typically, when I go out to eat something always catches my eye on the menu within seconds but with East Coast Lounge my only frustration was that I was spoiled for choice. Every item looked delicious so much so that my best friend and I have already mentally pre booked our weekends in advance so that we can eat our way through the breakfast menu.

Ultimately, my conscience directed me to a healthy choice guilted by the fact I have consumed one too many cheese pizzas this past week. It was good choice. Their divine chia pudding is by far the best I have tasted and reminds us that a healthy life doesn’t have to exist in lieu of a sweet life. Next week I have my eyes and stomach set on their vegetable toastie… because when it comes to cheese I just can’t say no.

When it comes to the pro’s and cons of East Coast Lounge there is only one con I associate with the venue, that being the price of the meals. With most breakfast dishes costing patrons $20.00 excluding coffee and metered parking costs it can make for an expensive morning. Unfortunately, Sydney is an incredibly expensive place overall and commercial renting is even higher for places in prime locations, like Chowder Bay so naturally this leads to inflated food costs.

A visit to East Coast Lounge is complimented with a scenic 4 kilometers walk from Bradleys Head to Chowder Bay an area which will offer truly spectacular views of Sydney and a must for tourists who want to see the city from a different perspective. If visiting in summer be sure to bring a towel as would be water enthusiasts are spoiled for choice with quiet beaches available extending from Chowder Bay to Balmoral beach.

Happy eating x

*Please note that the featured image utilised for this blogpost is courtesy of East Coast Lounge*

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