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When it comes to social media, particularly Instagram, I think it is a fair assessment to state we all have a little stalker in us. There are those among us who like to stalk celebrities, other’s different friends and exes … for me I like to stalk different bakeries and cafes across the globe. Lately ranked high on my stalk list has been Nutie Donuts @wearenuttie and this week it reached a point where I had grown frustrated with salivating over their goodies on social media. It was time for Nutie Donuts to get in my belly!

With my admission now out in the open I beg of you to reserve judgement until you discover Nutie Donuts on Instagram. I cannot guarantee much in this life, but I guarantee that their colourful feed of delicious treats will bewitch you and you will find yourself scrolling their gallery silently humming “Every step you take. Every move you make. I’ll be watching you.”

I am a woman possessed and obsessed . Donuts are one of my favorite things in life. I would be content to live off them, would happily build a shrine to the creator of this doughy slice of heaven and naturally when someone mentions the word a “dozen” the first thing that comes into my head is 12 donuts, preferably cinnamon.

Nutie was founded with the vision of producing quality gluten free products and given most gluten free products are void of taste or resemble cardboard there is a substantial gap in the market. As someone who really shouldn’t be consuming gluten consequence of an endocrine disorder it is not an easy elimination to make based on the sacrifice when it comes to enjoying food. However, if more food producers were dedicated to creating flavorsome gluten free treats let’s just say my willpower wouldn’t be called into question.

On a serious note, 1 in 70 Australians are coeliac thereby ultimately a large portion of the public are unable to consume gluten unless they seek small bowel damage. In addition, there are several other diseases where the consumption of gluten is not advisable. It is thrilling to see this often forgotten demographic literally invited to the table because people like myself want to have my cake and eat it too. On a personal note, my visit to Nutie was a family affair and marked not only our first visit but for my little nieces marked their first taste of a donut… ever. Being gluten and dairy free the entirety of their young lives consequence of intolerances and anaphylaxis it was heart warming to share in their excitement.

The donuts also cater to a vegan market. Personally I am not strictly vegan, but I do my absolute best to follow a plant based diet, however what tempts me to stray with dairy is the lack of options out there for those following a vegan diet when it comes to sweet treats. Admittedly, my will just might not be strong enough but when delicious animal friendly products are created that taste exactly if not better than the real thing, needless to say the journey to plant based is made that much more easier. Most importantly crafting new ways to bake old favorites without the use of animal products is the best way to promote the vegan message. The best way to any person’s heart is through the stomach after all and the vegan lifestyle doesn’t have to come with a side order of sacrifice.

Located in the trendy inner city suburb of Balmain, Nutie is better accessed by car and for those driving I am a testament that parking is easy to find having visited the café during peak hours on a Saturday. For those coming via public transport use Town Hall train station as your starting point, catch bus 442 from York Street and you will arrive at donut heaven within 17 minutes.

Admittedly, the costs associated with each donut is quite high when compared with the average big brand donut, but with that said these are not your average donuts. Typically anything sourced to produce gluten free or vegan goods has a high cost point as more ingredients are required. A quick whizz around any supermarket you will find gluten free ingredients and/or products priced higher than their counterparts, so Nutie is no exception. When compared with their competitors, like Donut Time which also focuses on couture donut creations the price point is similar across the board. The size of each donut is substantial, they are dense and most importantly packed with flavor.

Be sure to add Nutie Donuts to your own must try list and discover a new way of savouring an old classic.

Image courtesy of @wearenuttie

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