The Pantry

The Cafe Collective | Brewtown Cammeray

A few weeks ago I was enjoying a Sunday brunch in Sydney’s Cammeray in a cafe that was selected purely because there was seating available, I was famished and couldn’t be bothered looking for anything else in the area. I needed food and I needed it now.

So possessed I was with stuffing my face I didn’t even think to get the name of the eatery. Priorities you know. However, last week when I was researching new cafes to try in Sydney with the intention of looking beyond the Harbour Bridge, there was something eerily familiar about my choice of the week, Brewtown Cammeray. The moment I walked in and was greeted with the granite countertops, white exposed brick and interior climbing garden it all clicked. This was not only a brunch place it was the brunch place and my inner child started dancing at the imminent prospect of good food that had already been tried and tested.

So this was Brewtown Cammeray, part of the famous Brewtown family born and bred in Newtown. Well I be damned. Even before taking my seat I already knew what I wanted to order. Today Winter Porridge was on the agenda as I was not passing up the opportunity to gorge myself on their barley, quinoa, vanilla with treacle, stewed prunes and berry creation. In addition, I was throwing in an apple Danish for good measure and justifying this sneaky indulgence as “work.” Brewtown is known for their pastries after all. What sort of blogger would I be if I did’t properly research every facet of the establishments I am writing about? Also let’s get personal for one moment, the last time I was here I was with someone and let’s just say we are at the stage where it is socially unacceptable to be seen devouring everything in sight. I had to make up for lost time. The apple Danish did not disappoint, nor did the winter porridge and the accompanying chai latte. In retrospect, the porridge was one of the best breakfasts I have ever had and this is coming from someone who vowed never again to eat porridge after living off it whilst backpacking through Europe.

What I appreciate most about Brewtown is their minimalistic approach to their interior design which makes it a great place to unwind but this minimalism further extends to their menu as they perfectly balance keeping the menu concise yet varied. You won’t be overwhelmed in fact what you crave will speak to you immediately. Service is quick, the staff are accommodating and the cafe has a community feel to it which is a vibe many city based eateries lack. Cammeray is a little village after all and as such Brewtown has both heart and soul. Weekends are guaranteed to be busy due to the nature of the area so set your alarm and live by the code that the early bird gets the worm.

Be the early bird to avoid disappoint … and ladies get the Danish.