The Pantry

The Cafe Collective | Cafe Claire Annandale

When I think of today’s café discovery, three little words come to mind: Pretty In Pink.

No, not the iconic film of the 1980’s staring Molly Ringwald but rather the wholemeal rosewater pink pancakes I gorged myself on this morning. For the record both the film and the pancakes get a thumbs up from little old me.

I originally heard of this petite café via way of perusing/ casually stalking the Instagram of my favourite lifestyle blogger, the ethereal and ever so talented Li Chi Pan. And well what can I say but…

So a date was set and despite being a Sunday morning I arrived shortly after their 7am opening time because I was ready for carbs and given seating is limited wanted to ensure my access to said carbs. Ultimately, the wake up call was worth every moment of fatigue as the pancakes accompanied by their delicious matcha green tea was pure heaven on a plate. Speaking of my beverage of choice, admittedly I was hesitant as I have found it difficult to find a matcha green tea done well. Having been exposed to the tea during my college stay in South Korea my standards have been set high ever since. Café Claire Annandale not only met those standards but exceeded them.

They say if you fall in love online it won’t work. I fell in love with this quaint little spot and proved that online relationships do work … even if the love is a little one sided.