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The Cafe Collective | The Clean Treats Factory

As someone who predominantly follows a plant based diet, it can be challenging at times to find cafes that not only cater to said dietary requirements but finding cafes that do it well. The latter being the most difficult.

But when you know the struggles you naturally keep your ear to the ground to hear rumblings of any eateries that should be added to your “must try list.” Through the joys of social media I recently discovered the Clean Treats Factory based in Sydney’s Alexandria. Truth be told I fell in love with their interior design first: clean lines, minimalistic approach to décor, black and white aesthetic can only mean one thing in my world – I was sold.

Founded by Charlie De Haas with the goal to create indulgent treats without a pinch of guilt has developed a line of desserts, combined with a versatile breakfast and lunch menu free from gluten, dairy, refined sugar and nasty preservatives. As mentioned vegan options are available and you will walk away feeling satisfied but with a craving for more. The charcoal pancakes are my ultimate recommendation, but next week I have my eyes on the tapioca porridge and mushroom burger.

With Alexandria sitting on the outskirts of the CBD the Clean Treats Factory is best accessed by car but for those like myself who shouldn’t be allowed on the roads for public safety, regular buses serve the area. With a plethora of tables available dining in is recommended, however on weekends, with this being Sydney’s new breakfast haunt, be sure to get there early or visit during the week for a more relaxed experience. Should you have a nut allergy I would recommend calling ahead first to see what menu options are available to you as a combination of nuts are utilised in their recipes.

If there is anything I know for certain after visiting the Clean Treats Factory it is that we all need to take time out to treat ourselves.

So what are you waiting for?