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MICHAEL LO SORDO | Black Silk Slip Dress | Seymour & Ford
La Femme

Modernising the LBD | The Black Slip

Simplifying style is the philosophy here at Seymour & Ford. From neutrals, to clean lines to embracing minimalism – simplicity takes many forms.  The question is how to adopt this approach? Reducing your wardrobe to the necessary basics is the first step. Secondly, make a list of items you need to create interchangeable outfits. Lastly, …

MARYSIA | Black One Piece Swimsuit | Seymour & Ford
La Femme

The Black One Piece

Credits Jewellery Reliquia, Swimsuit Marysia via The Undone PhotographerSarah Braden Photography Having been blessed to call six countries home combined with my former life as a flight attendant, living out of a suitcase has been my norm for most of my adult life. It is through these experiences I came to understand the importance of …

KARL LAGERFELD | Seymour & Ford
La Femme

In Honour of Karl Lagerfeld

The future belongs to your imagination – Karl Lagerfeld As a young girl I remember the exact moment I became interested in fashion. I was roughly 9/10 years old shopping with my Mother when a long pastel pink dress paired with a white tee shirt and cropped blue denim vest caught my eye. At the time …

TRENERY | Winter Knit In Navy | Seymour & Ford
La Femme

Perfecting Transeasonal Styling

As Autumn descends upon us my favourite time of year both in terms of season and style begins and as the days become increasingly cooler transeasonal dressing too begins. Achieved by way of layering and the blending of fabrics, transeasonal dressing is easy when you have invested in neutral knits which can be adapted to any outfit. …

TRENERY | Summer Shorts In Black | Seymour & Ford
La Femme

Summer Essentials

  Leonardo Da Vinci once stated that simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication, a sentiment to keep in mind when making our wardrobe choices Simplicity is something I gravitate towards not only when it comes to design but it further extends to keeping my wardrobe as simplified as possible by only investing in a …