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Postcards From Lisbon

The first thing that struck me as I descended over Lisbon was its vibrancy. Despite arriving towards the end of the winter season the sun was shining and danced off the terracotta roofs beneath us. After living in Europe and visiting many of her glorious cities I have become accustomed to always knowing what to …

The Travel Collective

25 Travel Safety Tips For Women

Exploring the world as a solo female traveller can be an incredibly daunting prospect because the sad reality is having two copies of the X chromosome automatically puts you at a greater risk. This awareness concerning vulnerability naturally puts women off from jet setting but there are countless safety tips women can abide by to make themselves feel more secure and …

The Travel Collective

Postcards from The Netherlands | The Best Chocolate in Amsterdam

Author’s Note A day after this blog was posted the beloved Gene Wilder passed away. He was and is the one and only Willy Wonka. Mr Wilder’s portrayal of this beloved character will forevermore be in my heart. Thank you for enriching my childhood.  One of the many things I love most about my job …