Singapore is one of those places where I stumble upon and find myself thinking hmmm wouldn’t mind relocating here…if it wasn’t for the humidity which is incompatible with my frizzy mop. Bordered by the waters of the Pacific and Indian Ocean, this little island is extraordinarily both culturally rich and diverse which contradicts its size. […]

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12 Hours | Hong Kong

When faced with 33 hours of flying, it’s enough to send anyone running to the wine. However, as my thirst for travel increases I now gravitate towards longer flights to take advantage of a hefty layover. Not only is this cheaper in some cases but provides a chance to stretch my legs and see another […]

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Copenhagen | Denmark

Denmark at dusk

Once upon a time there lived a girl named Mary who came from the land of Oz. She found her Prince Charming (literally) and lived happily ever after in a kingdom far far away. As a fresh faced 19 year old I, like many other Australians, watched one of our own walk down the aisle […]

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