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Celebrating Our Roots | 6 Indigenous Brands To Fall In Love With

Within the Fashion Industry much needed discourse surrounding representation has been the catalyst for refreshing change.

I have come to realise that though these conversations have been challenging yet productive, they have also been limiting. The focus has been on model diversity and a wider selection of sizing options so all consumers have access to stylish clothes. But what about the designers and brands themselves? As a strong supporter of Australian fashion it dawned on me that I have never showcased Indigenous brands on Seymour & Ford. I cannot be an advocate for Australian fashion without celebrating our country’s roots and Indigenous talent. So today we look to six Indigenous brands that have caught my eye from activewear, jewellery, swimwear to beauty.

Here’s to my beautiful country, all who call her home and our traditional custodians of our land.

*Feature image courtesy of North. All other imagery used belongs to their respective owners*