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Dalkey to Killiney

My whole life I have been obsessed with the the ethereal world. Anyone who knows me is well aware of how embarrassingly deep this obsession lies, because for me the realms of Narnia, Middle Earth etc are very real. Perhaps it is why I have always felt drawn to Ireland, it is the land of leprechauns and fairies after all. Unfortunately, the countryside is so intoxicatingly beautiful and mysterious here, that I find myself further bewitched by other worldly charms. I’m convinced there is a portal yet to be discovered that will transport me to Rivendell at any moment… and I think it lies in Ireland, more specifically on top of Killiney Hill.

View from the top
View from the top

I highly recommend anyone traveling to Ireland to truly experience all that Mother Nature has created on this tiny isle and you don’t have to travel very far at all to do so. Thirty minutes south of Dublin you will find a little place that rivals the Mediterranean in coastal splendour. Dalkey is a village with a rich religious and Viking past that is now home to the rich and famous, yet remains humble and welcoming. It’s the perfect place to visit if you need a break from the strain of city life. Please note, however, you’re visit will be incomplete if you do not take in the views that lay just around the corner on Killiney Hill.


The Dalkey to Killiney hike was filled with many moments where the natural wonder that is Ireland literally took my breath away and for nature and fitness enthusiasts this hike is a must. As you travel along Vico Road you will see remarkable properties influenced by Italian architecture and design. Then suddenly the estates come to an end and the full view takes prime location. For those who are not keen on ascending Killiney Hill, you can follow this same road through to Killiney dart station and even stroll along the beach if you so desire. However, brave the climb because the view from the top is all encompassing from Dublin to Wicklow and worth the burning thighs the next day.

As you plan your mini day trip to Dalkey it will be advantageous to be guided by the weather forecast. Rain and cloud will not only spoil the views that you worked hard for but will rob the village of that Mediterranean vibe. Regular trains operate from the city centre and you will want to sit on the left hand side of the carriage to really appreciate the view that awaits. The walk can be completed from Killiney to Dalkey but given I had difficulty finding the Dart station post hike, I imagine finding Killiney Hill from the dart equally as challenging. As such, you will want to carry a map or have access to one online with GPS signalling in your phone. Don’t let this put you off though and when in doubt follow the sound of the ocean.


Prior to or after your hike, depending on which way you journey from, be sure to stop in at the Country Bake, a well established family run cafe in Dalkey. I have a passion for little bakeries and Ireland truly delivers in this apartment. The Country Bake has a plentiful range of food and beverages on offer, from scrumptious looking cupcakes and pastries to decadent sandwiches. You will be spoilt for choice. If you’re there early enough it’s difficult to pass up the full Irish breakfast otherwise The café is popular so be sure to get there early if you plan on eating in, otherwise stock up on fresh goodies and enjoy at the top of Killiney Hill. Who knows you might run into Bono as he strolls through his hometown or if you’re really lucky be transported into A Midsumner Nights Dream and run into fairy queen Titania as she is waited on my Cobweb, Mustardseed, Moth and Peaseblossom.

Happy travels

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