The Number One Thing To Do In Dubai

There are moments in life that upon living you know you will never forget and will form the fabric of stories you will tell your grandchildren in years to come.

Inshallah (God willing).

A few weeks ago I found myself in the company of friends old and new swimming in the warm waters of Dubai surrounded by the sights and sounds of a city that never sleeps after spending the sunset speeding through the blue waters on powerful jet-skies with their skilled owners.


The cosmopolitan city that is Dubai has become yet another home away from home and is a place truly etched into my soul. I have lived all over the world and no country has had such an impact on my life. When you live in Dubai you walk away forever changed. It is a special place that despite its opulence and grandeur offers one of life’s greatest lessons that peace and harmony between different cultures and religions is possible with mutual respect and acceptance.

Dubai can teach us all so much… especially in today’s world.

I am forever grateful to the Emiratis. You opened your country to me and I truly found myself, inner happiness, confidence and a broadened view of the world. In a sense your country allowed me to become the woman I always wanted to be. To the incredible team at Shark Jet Ski what an honor to have seen Dubai by water with you boys. It is by far my BEST travel memory and one of the most cherished memories of my life. This blog post is dedicated to your wonderful team.


When you arrive in Dubai you will be inundated with things to see and do… anything is possible in this city. All you have to do is ask yourself what is on your travel bucket list? Personally, I have always wanted to try jet skiing but given my fear of open water combined with my inability to steer anything that isn’t a horse I always thought this dream would remain just that… a dream. But then Shark Jet Ski entered my life and I knew very quickly I was in safe hands. Life jackets are a must so even swimmers lacking in confidence will feel safe and your personal guide will be with you at all times.

The qualified team are vivacious and energetic and if there is anything I can promise readers (besides the time of your life) I assure you their positive spirit will brighten up your day. For those staying in Dubai who find themselves addicted to adrenaline and wanting to improve upon their skills you might want to consider taking lessons with their certified trainers.


Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing reported that in 2015 the city welcomed 14.2 million visitors and with the 2020 World Expo just around the corner these figures are rapidly climbing. Combined with Shark Jet Ski’s increasing cultural and media presence the company is set to become a magnet for tourists. With a long list of achievements the boys were most recently involved with Dubai’s Red Bull Cliff Diving Event, have worked on feature films like Star Trek and even attracted famous national and international footballers eager to partake in the Shark Jet Ski experience.

No doubt seeing the city by water with Shark Jet Ski will become the ultimate thing to do when in Dubai so be sure to book well in advance. Open all year round, including the holy month of Ramadan, the team will work hard to accommodate your preferred date but it is best to get in early so as not to miss out on what is truly a once in a life time experience. Bookings can be made online by clicking here and parents please keep in mind that as per UAE law all participants need to be 16 years or older with minors requiring adult supervision.

When one initially thinks about Dubai’s environment, the desert is the first thing that comes into mind but the expansive sun drenched beaches gently washed by warm and predator free waters and exclusive pool clubs are the city’s best kept secret typically only enjoyed by locals and residents alike. I have sailed the waters of the Mediterranean aboard private yachts and commercial cruise lines and can confidently state that Dubai’s aqua related activities and experiences have the potential for the development of a significant shift in tourism.


Shark Jet Ski is at the leading edge of influencing the experiences tourists seek when they visit Dubai. Given the city’s central location assisted by the worlds best airline which in turn introduces new people to Dubai everyday… the city is set to become the new Mediterranean but with the myriad of activities offered by Shark Jet Ski this will be the new Mediterranean with a twist.

Everything is bigger and better in Dubai after all.

My time with Shark Jet Ski is seared into my memory and the only word that enters my mind when I reflect upon my experience is gratitude. I remember sitting aboard the jet ski with my friends before the astonishing Burj Al Arab followed by swimming in the waters without a care in the world constantly in a state of shock that this was in fact my life. I was living the dream. It is a feast for the senses. Visually the views are stunning and even now I can taste the salt water on my lips and feel the wind through my hair as we zipped through the blue open waters at speeds that will thrill you.


I cannot wait to go back to Dubai my second home , to see the friends that I shared the experience with and most of all see the great things that await for this daring city and Shark Jet Ski.

Happy Travels


*Disclaimer: All images and media are the property of Shark Jet Ski. Follow their adventures and be inspired to hit the seas. Instagram @sharkjetski and YouTube*

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