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Experimenting Alternative Shades of Autumn

As we bid farewell to long summer days here in Australia, it is time to embrace our Autumn style favourites.

However, this time of year can present a tricky problem for those compelled to experiment with autumnal shades yet also want to stay true to their neutral style aesthetic. The good news is these two concepts are not mutually exclusive. The answer can be found in three simple colours:

olives greens…

navy …

and brown

Image courtesy of Pinterest

All of these hues are often under appreciated given they are timeless, consistently sophisticated and have the ability to be paired with almost anything. Though subtle in tone when paired with our trusty blacks, whites, nudes and greys these shades will make a statement. When incorporating these colours into your wardrobe invest in items that will form the foundation of your outfit. For example a skirt, coat, blazer aka hero pieces that an outfit is then built around.

Image courtesy of InStyle

As always, when stepping out of your traditional colour palette, be sure to understand your skin tone in order to select the hue that best compliments you. In spite of many sub categories existing, skin tone can be separated into neutral, warm and cool tones and it is the latter who should avoid olive green. Fortunately, trusty navy is renowned for being flattering on everyone. Lastly, when it comes to selecting an item in brown, being a composite colour reflect on the undertone present to determine what best suits you.

*Featured image courtesy of Who What Wear*