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Feminizing the Boyfriend Jean

AMELIUS THE LABEL | The Boyfriend Jean | Seymour & Ford

I recently purged my wardrobe of all items that no longer suited my style philosophy. It was cleansing yet horrifying at the same time having seen first hand how much money had been wasted on clothes that simply weren’t me.

During this cathartic experience I realised my jeans had been worn to death and mentally made a note to self to invest in a new pair down the track. But truth be hold I honestly despise shopping for jeans. As we all know finding the perfect pair is like hunting for the gold. Having made poor choices in the past in regards to my jeans which has resulted in many a muffin top I refuse to purchase anything that doesn’t sit or feel right.  Typically I turn to Trenery or Saba for my jeans as they have proven durability and consistently produce designs which compliment the body.

However, I have had this nagging feeling for some in relation to boyfriend jeans.

Could I pull the look off being so short?

Could I pull the look off when I have hips and thighs?

And when I was single… could I pull the look off without a boyfriend or would I be lying to myself via clothes re my relationship or lack there of?

The conclusion I came to … why not?

Initiailly I ran straight to my favourite brands for jeans but not being able to find the pair I had in mind I looked online and fell head over heels in love with Amelius’s Boyfriend Jeans.

Opting for a size six the style retains its shape around my thighs and hips yet the fit becomes increasingly relaxed further down the leg thus successfully blending the masculine with the feminine. To juxtapose the design pair with heels to bring a touch of womanly seduction and opt for a nude palette to elongate the leg. There are so many styling options when it comes to boyfriend jeans from looks both deconstructed and constructed. Currently I like to keep things casual with a simple white tee for weekend dressing, but look forward to styling with more refined fabrics like silk or satin to accentuate the distressed nature of the jeans. Bring structure to the look with the help of a blazer or a romantic touch with a lightweight ankle length coat that drapes effortlessly over the body.


Tee Shirt COS, Jeans Amelius via The IconicHeels Country Road


Sarah Braden Photography