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Fifty Shades Of Grey

Call me crazy or blissfully unaware, when the title Fifty Shades Of Grey began gaining momentum in pop culture I thought it was an homage to fashion regarding dressing your body.

I wasn’t wrong on the body part, but I was wrong in many other ways.

As I was reminded of this blunder whilst perusing Netflix titles recently and subsequently coming across the infamous film, it got me thinking about all things grey and not in terms of Christian and Anastasia’s love story. Rather, when dressing in grey how do we know what shade works for us. Now the bad news is we might not all find a Christian Grey in our lives but I can guarantee there is a shade of grey to suit everyone out there. Even better, it won’t go out of style unlike some co-dependent relationships. Yes, I’m looking at you Anastasia Steele.

Determining what shade of grey will best compliment us requires an honest assessment of our skin tone and how that compliments the undertones of the colour of the day. Just as people have a cold, warm and a neutral base, greys will equally have cool or warm undertones. Greys on the cooler side will either have a blue, green or violet base whilst warm greys will be infused with reds, browns and oranges.

The general rule of thumb is

warm greys + warm skin undertones

cool greys + cool skin undertones

Image sourced Pinterest

For those who find it difficult to determine their undertone simplify the matter by categorising your skin into fair, medium or dark and seek to contrast that with your choice of grey if all else fails. Fifty Shades of Grey might have us believe that opposites attract. Though this is not something I believe in my dating life, when it comes to selecting the shade of grey that will work for you this theory holds true when you cannot determine your undertone.

*Featured image courtesy of Modern Legacy*