La Femme

For Zac Posen

When I lay down at night and dream of a life where I dress for fancy balls and live out my Cinderella fantasies, there is one designer who is the architect of my gowns …. the visionary Zac Posen

As November 2019 dawned, I like many others around the globe, was saddened to learn that after almost twenty years, the sun had set on Zac Posen’s self named label.

I think this is a loss not only for the American fashion industry but the industry as a whole.

When it comes to the art of dressing a woman … is there any designer who highlights every beautiful curve, bend and bump the way Zac does? From celebrities, to royalty, to red carpet events and the iconic Met Gala, Zac Posen has consistently added architect to his resume through his structured creations that perfectly sculpt his clients. Through his craftsmanship he has redefined what is means to be a designer in the modern era.

Through his recent line of 3D printed dresses, to literally lighting up the night by way of sewing battery packs into the under structure of Claire Dane’s french organza gown this is a designer that is not just contemporary but futuristic. With this modern approach he always excelled in harmoniously combining this aesthetic with retro silhouettes and fantasy. The manner in which he utilises technology to fuel his work whilst remaining equally attentive to his legendary ruching, placement and pleating is what placed Zac in a league of his own.

Simply put, the red carpet will never be the same without the Posen presence. It is my hope that this artist will be quickly snapped up as a Creative Director for another leading brand who will not only give him creative license but embrace his experimental approach to garment construction.

It would be an injustice to the industry’s journey into the future to allow Zac Posen to disappear into the fashion archives