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From Day to Night With The Black Blazer

SARAH LLOYD | Duchess of Cambridge | Seymour & Ford

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, a black blazer is a must for any wardrobe.

SARAH LLOYD | Duchess of Cambridge | Seymour & Ford

Versatility is the name of the game and given how much this classic staple can be paired with (no matter the occasion), it really is the gift that keeps on giving. The key to finding something that will stand the test of time is to invest in a style that is …

A neutral colour (for ultimate mixing and matching capabilities)

Constructed with a timeless cut

Suits your body type.

The latter of which I cannot stress enough.

SARAH LLOYD | Duchess of Cambridge | Seymour & Ford

As the humble blazer has moved out of the office it has been reinvented time and time again. As such, attention needs to be paid to the length and shape of your blazer and the silhouette you seek to create.

With so many styles on the market I will be the first to state I love an oversized boyfriend style blazer. However, I see this style as a more playful piece in my collection and a purchase made after first investing in something more timeless. Therefore, when I am looking for something that will last from one season to the next, I cannot surpass a classic tailored design that flatters the body, accentuates the waist and creates length.

SARAH LLOYD | Duchess of Cambridge | Seymour & Ford

I cannot surpass Australian designer, Sarah Lloyd when it comes to creating blazers built to last. Crafted from premium triacetate crepe , the Duchess of Cambridge is my go to blazer of choice to carry looks from day to night. Most importantly I love how this garment makes me feel both feminine and strong. I am particularly fond of the deep v detailing as this allows me to effortlessly elevate the look at night by opting to style with nothing underneath rather accenting with a delicate necklace. The beauty of black is that it is a statement piece when worn solo but also creates stunning contrast when paired with a light colour for the evening.


Blazer Duchess of Cambridge by Sarah Lloyd, Skirt Friend of Audrey, Shoes Call It Spring, Jewellery Vintage Heirloom


Sarah Braden Photography

SARAH LLOYD | Duchess of Cambridge | Seymour & Ford