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How To Curate A Black & White Outfit

Predictably when you see me out and about I will be in either black, white or a combination of the two. What can I say except some days my spirit animal is a panther, other days it’s a zebra.

However, in the years I have been taking a leaf out of Steve Jobs book re his penchant for a predictable colour palette I have noticed that combining these two colours isn’t as simple as often expected. Without a doubt, pairing black and white together makes a statement due to its innate high contrast however, when not executed minimally it can overwhelm the eye.

Paring things back is simple, it is just a matter of assigning roles to each colour ie which will serve as the foundation and which will serve as the statement shade. The latter is where it can get tricky, where too much off a good thing will rapidly throw the tonal balance of the ensemble off. In this case remember less is more but style according to what speaks to who you are.

Should you be having difficulty in assigning these roles take a moment to determine what aspect of your outfit is the hero piece. In today’s case it was my Duchess of Cambridge blazer by Sarah Lloyd . To draw attention to the overall craftsmanship and classic structure of the blazer a black backdrop was essential. On the contrary there are days when my accessories are the pieces I wish to highlight. It really is a matter of focusing on what item you love and making style choices to let that shine and in turn yourself.


Blazer Duchess of Cambridge by Sarah Lloyd, Pants Vintage Zara Shoes Billini


Sarah Braden Photgraphy