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How To Curate An Instagram Feed

When it comes to upping your Instagram game, it can be a daunting process as to where to start and what to do. These were the rules that changed my outlook and overall content creation.

1 | P I C K   A   T H E M E

Your Instagram feed should be a reflection of your personality and as such the colour theme should be a visual reflection. Prior to starting any layout take time to reflect on what your theme should be: black and white, minimalist, hues of blue, vintage or in my case white. Adhering to your chosen colour palette is essential for consistency.

2 | L I V E   Y O U R   A E S T H E T I C

As stated your theme is a visual reflection of your personality and by staying true to who you are your aesthetic should be an integral part of your daily life. Living your aesthetic will make is easier for the collection and production of content and will bring authenticity to your images. As stated my “white” theme represents not only my obsession with a neutral colour palette but is something that represents my personal style in clothes, interiors, architectural structures etc. Know you brand, be your brand.

3 | C H O O S E   Y O U R   C O N T E N T

Whilst contemplating your colour aesthetic take time to reflect what the content of your images should be and more specifically if your feed will be mono-themed or represent a multitude of topics. Should it be the latter be sure to limit your content to five themes ensuring each one is equally represented and that there is cohesion between them all. Flatlays are an advantageous method for combining your interests. However, should you wish to stick to one theme you want to consider if this is something that has a long life span. This is particularly important for those wishing to solely create travel accounts.

4 | S E L E C T   Y O U R   T O O L S

When it comes to curating your Instagram feed quality over quantity reigns supreme thus in order to produce eye catching content the tools you utilise are an essential part of this process. As I run both a blog and Instagram I bounce between by trusty smartphone for images solely for the gram, my canon EOS 600D for images being simultaneously uploaded to both platforms and never leave the house without my canon IXUS190 in case I come across sources of inspiration during my daily travels. Are expensive cameras a necessity? Truthfully, not really unless you intend for your images to be used beyond Instagram. However, a smartphone with a high grade in built camera is.

5 | I N T R O D U C I N G   F E A T U R E D   C O L O U R S

Should you wish to break up your theme with a featured colour limit any break from tradition to 2-3 colours max and ensure that the colours selected compliment your current feed aesthetic. As I have a white theme now and then I will introduce an image that is black and white, pastel blue or pastel pink. Not only is the black and white not too far of a step away from my already neutral palette but utilising pastels is a soft approach that will draw the eye without being off putting. Lastly, when introducing a featured colour ensure that the placement of the image in question is centered to achieve balance in relation to your grid as a whole.

6 | F I N D I N G   B A L A N C E

When constructing your feed prior to any upload you must always have in the back of your mind that the image in question does not exist on an individual basis rather exists as part of a group of nine. The nine of course being the format of the Instagram grid. Achieving balance is created by a number of factors

  • ensuring the background of your images are clean
  • keeping the image minimal or busy depending on your overall aesthetic
  • selecting the same borders should this be a look you work with
  • structuring pictures to either be aligned straight or off balance
  • organise grid so images of similar context are not aligned immediately next to or under one another

7 | U S E   P L A N N I N G   A P P S

In order to achieve a balanced feed organisation is critical. Downloading apps like Preview, Planoly or Feedmaster are fundamental to the curation and management of a beautiful feed.

8 | E D I T   C O N S I S T E N T L Y

Regardless of whether your feed is mono or multi themed consistent editing and/or filter usage is critical for curating a seamless and eye catching feed. Though Instagram comes with its own filters step up your game by utilising editing apps like Preview or my personal favourite VSCO to achieve cohesion. Keep in mind that editing goes beyond application of the same filter, you also want to look at exposure, contrast and saturation to achieve uniformity. Lastly, keep in mind that shooting in natural light will ensure a simplified editing process and sharper final product.