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How To Declutter Our Closets Consciously

With 6 tonnes of clothes being discarded every 10 minutes in Australia alone it is fair to state we have to reconsider how we declutter our closets consciously

Regardless of whether we are minimalists or love to shop, decluttering at some point is something we all engage in. Buying less is obviously an important factor in reducing our fashion consumption levels but it is not the sole solution to the way we habitually dispose our of used clothes.

Mend It

Being able to sew should be in everyone’s bag of tricks, but sadly it is a basic skill that has been lost resulting in a myriad of clothes being discarded. Small holes and fallen hems etc can easily be restored by hand or with the help of professional seamstress

Dye It

Should you have a colour palette that your currently gravitate towards and find that the hues in your wardrobe are not adhering to your theme, dye your garments before opting to dispose of them. Professional colour changing services are available online and is an effective way to breathe new life in your old garments, restore faded blacks and even hide stains. Be sure to plan ahead as professional dying services typically will reduce costs when the quantity is increased

Donate It

Given many traditional clothing donation centres run at capacity, investigate other donation avenues. For example have your got baby clothes that can be donated to hospitals, clothes and accessories for women’s shelters or can you organise a donation to your local fabric recycling centre

Swap It

If your clothes are in good condition, host a swap party with your friends, your local council or college

Reuse It

Depending on the state of the garments in question, brainstorm ways you can reuse the material at hand. For example, for items with substantial wear and tear can they become household cleaning rags or provide bedding for your pets. For those items clinging to their former grace consider if they be remodelled to create a new garment all together for either yourself or a loved one

Consign It

Should you have invested in good quality items that are in need of a second home, be sure to look to consignment stores who will buy the item off you directly or provide you with a percentage of the sale made

Sell It

The second hand and vintage scene is an increasingly profitable business. Collect your items and sell online all at your local flea market

*Featured image courtesy of Mademoiselle Elle “Five Ways To Declutter Your Wardrobe” be sure to follow her decluttering tips and give your wardrobe a makeover*