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How To Dress Down Satin For the Day

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Satin, a weave derived from silk, has long been synonymous with luxury since its development centuries ago in China.

Enter the modern age and satin has become a readily accessible fabric blend typically reserved for evening wear or special occasions like weddings. Perhaps this is a result of its distinctive sheen but I would go so far to state that satin’s foundations in luxury still linger hence why it is commonly reserved for our most precious garments and thus worn sparingly. It may be time for satin to enter the sunshine and be teamed with daywear.

The key to successfully dressing down satin is by dulling its shine … figuratively not literally … and can be achieved by adhering to three rules

1 | C R E A T E   B A L A N C E

When styling day looks with satin the eye will naturally be drawn to anything made from this garment so avoid pairing with items that will compete with the weave. Instead select neutral pieces to create an even palette. For example complimenting materials like a simple cotton tee shirt or distressed jeans will highlight the satin garment without overpowering it whilst bringing a casual element to the look.

2 | K E E P   I T   S I M P L E

Satin has a voice of its own, as such keep accessories to a bare minimum and be weary with what they are made from. In other words avoid anything ostentatious. Contrasting yet understated jewellery like a simple watch, finely crafted bracelet or small earrings will bring a sense of minimalism to the look despite wearing an opulent weave.

3 | D I T C H   T H E   H E E L S

Lastly, to complete the ultimate dressed down satin look for the day opt for comfort and wear with sandals or my personal favourite white sneakers in summer of ankle boots in the winter. By reserving  heels solely for evening wear your look will immediately be casual chic.

Satin has come a long way and though it is often relegated to one aspect of style it’s time for this weave to shine … once again figuratively not literally.


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