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How to Practise Sustainability With Vintage Jewellery

When you look at the history of the human race and the diversity of the cultures past and present, there is a common appreciation and enjoyment for jewellery.

When it comes to these little works of art their value extends beyond their beautiful aesthetic. They are storytellers. From a historical perspective they can inform us about social structures, religious practices and cultural customs of the wearer and their environment. However, until that moment when a piece of jewellery passes into history, they carry cherished memories, love stories and identity. A single piece can symbolise an entire chapter in our lives imparted with names, places and experiences.

Access to jewellery has never been greater which makes the search for that special something that much more challenging. Accessibility does not guarantee individuality. However, let this inspire you to gravitate towards vintage pieces to find something truly one of a kind. Though we carve out own story with jewellery, vintage pieces come with their own chapter which adds to your experience as their keeper.

Whether your choice of adornment is a ring, necklace and all that lies in between, vintage jewellery has an ability to be paired with anything and everything making it the paramount addition to any wardrobe. Particularly for those with a passion for minimalism will find any look elevated with a simple addition of a vintage piece.

Jewellery has been adored and treasured by generations past and present and by adding vintage finds to your closet you are supporting sustainability. With fashion being an increasing pollutant it can be overwhelming to know where to start making choices as a consumer that limit impact on the earth. Investing in brands that abide by a slow fashion ethos is one way. Adopting minimalism is another. Embracing vintage finds is an excellent starting point as a way to dip your toe into sustainability and navigate what it means to you.

So where to begin this journey into all things preloved? Here are my top three online vintage stores that will leave you adoring these little works of art.


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