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How To Style Knits In Spring

So it is September. It is Spring… ummm when did that happen?

Last time I checked it was January and now … feelings of anxiety and the speed in which time passes is surfacing at rapid rates …

Alas, here we are a new season has begun and it’s that time of year my wardrobe begins to have an identity crisis. The same questions arise everyday as to whether to cater to the remnants of winter or adapt for the burgeoning summer. To get through these weeks of indecisive weather, knits are still a go but styled in a way that is spring friendly. Easily layered and thus easily removed without the weight of a coat, the humble knit is your secret winter to spring weapon. To help your wardrobe transition during this trans-seasonal time here are 4 rules to effortlessly style your knits in early spring.

Pair with lightweight fabrics

With a knit commonly being quite visually heavy, unless wearing cashmere, aim to juxtapose this perceived weight by styling with lightweight fabrics like cotton, linen, tencel. Not only are you than embracing dressing for a trans-seasonal climate but this creates a fresh spring centric look by leaving the hefty fabrics in winter

Layer over anything and everything

Unlike a coat which you will most likely have to cart around all day as the weather springs towards summer (see what I did there *rolls eyes*) a knit provides substantial warmth when layered over traditional spring garments without the aforementioned hassle. Team with tee shirts, skirts, dresses or invest in long cardigan. The styling options are endless so don’t be afraid to experiment

Team with lighter colours

Spring is all about rebirth, renewal, change and though I love my black this is one time we should head towards the light. With darker colours commonly associated with winter try and team knits of these hues with whites, cream or light washed denim to generate a sense of newness

Ditch the boots

Now I am not saying that the boots have to be banished forevermore, rather styled separately when wearing knits in spring. Instead, lighten things up with sneakers, flats and should you really have a boot dependency opt for a peep toe for that little something different


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