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Style Tips | How To Wear Grey

Growing up and particularly in recent years my way of thinking has become incredibly black and white to the extent it is expressed in my wardrobe, my home furnishings and sometimes even my refusal to write in anything but a black pen.

Extreme, I know

As much as I appreciate all the colours of the rainbow when it comes to my personal style, it just isn’t me. However, I do recognise my often militant approach needs softening somewhat. I need to find the grey in all areas of my life, my closet being no exception. That’s the beauty of grey, it softens the harshness of black and unknowingly rebels against the purity of white.

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Grey is a colour I have always found to be both timeless and effortlessly stylish and though it is hard to let go of my obsession with black and white I am looking forward to incorporating grey in all its glory into my daily ensembles. If like me, you are on a mission to also find the grey in your life to begin with we should establish what every wardrobe should consist of in the shade:

A casual grey tee shirt

A chunky grey knit

A refined grey polo knit

A classic grey coat

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These four items as your starting point will maximise your ability to create a variety of ensembles as they can effortlessly be mixed and matched. Overall these four grey staples will elevate your wardrobes ability to function cohesively. In addition, as I delve deeper into living both literally and figuratively in the grey here are my tips to make this neutral work for you.

The beauty of grey is that given it is a neutral it can be paired with any colour. However, be sure to compliment its undertones as greys can me cool toned, medium and warm toned

Grey is guaranteed to look good on everyone but be sure to gravitate towards a shade that compliments your skin’s undertones

If wearing multiple grey garments together place contrasting levels of saturation next to each other to create depth

Don’t be afraid to wear black, white and grey all at once particularly given white has the ability to break up the perceived heaviness of black and grey

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When dressing all in grey don’t be afraid to juxtapose different textures and materials or to incorporate silver to brighten the ensemble

Be mindful of your jewellery selection and how it correlates with the undertones in your grey garment. For example pair gold jewellery with warm greys that have a brown, orange or yellow undertones. On the contrary opt for silver jewellery should the grey your’re wearing have cool undertones

Change up the shade of grey to compliment the season at hand. Darker hues for winter and lighter hues for summer

Utilise shoes and accessories to break up all grey ensembles and to add dimension to your ensemble

When selecting shoes and accessories that will compliment a look avoid something that contrasts the depth of the grey in question. Work within the spectrum of the grey rather than against it by pairing white and other lightly coloured accessories/shoes with a light grey and black and other dark coloured accessories/shoes with a dark grey

Experiment with pairing grey with nude tones.Especially if wearing all grey when styled with a nude heel this will create the illusion of height

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*Featured image courtesy of Modern Legacy*