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How White Story Is Redefining Fashion

Purity. Simplicity. Authenticity. Timelessness. These are the terms that define White Story. But what does it mean to be timeless?

Traditionally, I have always understood this to mean designs which are not bound by fashion trends rather are founded in style that is less inclined to date. However, after falling in love with Australian brand White Story I have been reflecting on what timelessness typically means not only to me but how it is understood in the fashion industry. I can’t help but think this word is more multifaceted than initially realised.

Image courtesy of @white__story

The catalyst for this period of pondering? That would be White Story going against the grain by creating season-less designs, thereby not being bound by time or pre-disposed aesthetics associated with seasonal drops and traditional cycles.

Love it.

When a brand challenges traditional fashion-cycles and the overall status quo I strongly believe relieves industry placed pressure to constantly produce and in turn redefines consumer expectations as we are a society that has become accustomed to the “new.” Ultimately this reduces the overall environmental impact a brand has. By walking to the beat of one’s own drum, as seen with White Story, enables more creativity and the continuation of practices that reflect a brand’s core values by manufacturing at a slower pace, thereby remaining authentic.

Image courtesy of @white__story

This sense of timelessness is reflected in White Story’s beautiful creations as their clean lines and pared back aesthetic are eternal style staples. But their timeless approach in an industry that demands adherence to a set seasonal timetable makes this a brand to watch. By setting their own pace White Story will endure, making them truly timeless.

*All images sourced including featured image courtesy of @white_story*