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In Honour of Karl Lagerfeld

KARL LAGERFELD | Seymour & Ford

The future belongs to your imagination – Karl Lagerfeld

As a young girl I remember the exact moment I became interested in fashion. I was roughly 9/10 years old shopping with my Mother when a long pastel pink dress paired with a white tee shirt and cropped blue denim vest caught my eye. At the time it was unlike anything I had ever seen as it differed entirely to how I presented myself at the time. I remember thinking in that moment how much I wanted to change my look from that of little girl to tween. In other words I aspired for my external appearance to match how I felt internally, someone growing up. When the time came to try the outfit on little did I know  I was receiving my first lesson in the power of fashion namely its ability to transform.

A few months later I dappled in the idea of becoming a fashion designer, funnily enough inspired by the creation of Coco Chanel that I had seen in one of my Mother’s magazines. In retrospect my designing endeavours didn’t last beyond two illustrations but that day catapulted the mystique that was Chanel. To this day that love has only grown throughout the years as the fashion house has modernised and redirected their creative focus without loosing that certain je ne sais quoi that makes Chanel iconic.

Like the brand, the man behind the Chanel’s mini renaissance and thus endurance, Karl Lagerfeld, reached iconic status himself. It is with a heavy heart the world learnt of his passing February 19th 2019 and with it we lost one of the greats of our generation. Yes, he was controversial. Yes, he challenged the status quo. But to me he always represented authenticity in a world and industry that is often superficial.  By being unapologetically himself, this transpired into his work and by doing so his creations will forever remain nothing short of magical.

Karl Lagerfeld was once quoted as saying I am very much down to earth, just not this earth a paradox that was reflected in his success at transforming Chanel’s ready to wear line made with such vision that each creation achieved ethereal status.

Though Karl is no longer with us it is without a single shed of doubt that he always will be.

1933 – 2019