Irish WHA Application

The Irish Working Holiday Authorization is open to nationals aged between 18-30 years from Argentina, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, Taiwan and USA. Obtaining my Irish Working Holiday Authorization was incredibly easy. Upon ensuring I had all the correct paperwork, my visa was approved in under a week. I took this as both a sign of efficiency and a sign it was meant to be. Your first step would be to visit your respective Embassy of Ireland webpage to attain the specific documentation and requirements for your country of origin. Links to your particular embassy can be found here courtesy of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Please ensure you follow the direct guidelines outlined for your country, however typically in addition to a complete application form you will also need to provide:

Processing fee. At the time of my application I incurred a fee of AUD $95.00, but these prices are subject to inflation and vary according to country of residence.
Two recent passport photographs marked with you full name on the reverse side
Your passport, which should be valid to a date at least three months after you are due to depart Ireland.
Evidence of substantial savings to fund your stay from you bank. The savings required vary according to your ticket type and country. For Australians, those without a return ticket will be expected to provide evidence of at least AUD$5,000. On the contrary those with a return ticket only require proof of AUD $2,500.
Professional candidates will be required to provide a copy of their educational qualifications to support their application. This does not have to be a tertiary level. Current students need to provide a letter from their college.
Current curriculum vitae (with written references)
Stamped self addressed envelope
Some nationals are also required to provide proof of medical insurance to cover the duration of your stay.

Please note that your working holiday authorization does not activate until you arrive in Ireland.

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