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Modernising the LBD | The Black Slip

MICHAEL LO SORDO | Black Silk Slip Dress | Seymour & Ford

Simplifying style is the philosophy here at Seymour & Ford. From neutrals, to clean lines to embracing minimalism – simplicity takes many forms. 

The question is how to adopt this approach? Reducing your wardrobe to the necessary basics is the first step. Secondly, make a list of items you need to create interchangeable outfits. Lastly, when the time comes to invest in new clothes find designers which speak to your personal style and you will seldom go wrong.

With so many incredible brands and talented designers on the market it can be difficult to find your perfect match. If embracing a simple style philosophy you cannot look past Australian designer Michael Lo Sordo. As stated earlier simplicity can take many forms and you will discover this is a brand that adopts all these forms to create pure perfection particularly found in their black silk slip.

I first fell in love with black slips as a little girl pouring through my Mother’s closet. I remember trying it on assuming it was a dress but as a woman of the nineties my Mother informed me this was an undergarment for her evening dresses. At 7 years old the sleekness of the black slip enchanted me and I distinctly remember thinking it was too beautiful to be an undergarment. Twenty something years later times have changed and with it my wish was granted.

Firstly after much observation I am convinced the black slip is universally flattering being both equally seductive and elegant. Its minimal design makes it the perfect building block for either day, night or travel wear as an assortment of accessories, shoes, tops and jackets can be paired with the slip to create a multitude of looks.

From undergarment to being an outfit in its own right, the black slip is finally having the moment it deserves and with it the style creations are endless.


Shoes Spurr, Jewellery Reliquia, Dress Michael Lo Sordo, Top Sir The Label via The Undone


Sarah Braden Photography