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More Than A Mask

The question has long been posed as to whether art imitates life or does life imitate art?

When it comes to the world of fashion, this question of imitation is complex. On one hand all the facets that go into fashion from design, to marketing to visual merchandising all work to influence the consumer. As such, there is an argument that when it comes to fashion life imitates art. Yet it is not one dimensional, because fashion is influenced by the world in which it exists. From world events, changing values, to cultural norms and even global pandemics, the art that is fashion imitates life.

As woman pushed for more social and economic power in the 1920s, women’s fashion began to embrace a more masculine aesthetic. During WW2, as a direct result of the rationing of materials, a more classic, minimal aesthetic was embraced. As women were encouraged to embrace their traditional roles as wives and mothers in the 1950s, is it no surprise that fashion embraced a full, curvaceous and feminine silhouette.

Today, as we navigate our way through a global pandemic, fashion has changed yet again. Not only are we seeing a change in how consumers are shopping (online) and what they’re shopping for (loungewear) but masks are experiencing a mini renaissance. Not only has the wearing of masks become the norm, or in some cases mandated by law, but they have become a fashion accessory in their own right.

Without a doubt, by electing to wear a mask you are protecting your community. However, purchasing a re-usable mask from brands such as The Fashion Advocate allows you to limit your environmental impact by avoiding disposable masks. In addition, as personal protective equipment is limited during these times, by investing in a reusable mask you’re not impacting medical supplies.

Fashion is an art. As the wearing of masks have become our norm we are seeing first hand how art can imitate life and how in turn life imitates art through the beautification of the humble medical mask.