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My 12 Winning Looks From Derby Day


@R A C H A E L _ F I N C H

T o n i   M a t i c e v s k i  &   F o r d  M i l l i n e r y

The designer of the day for me was undoubtedly the talented Toni Maticevski whose silhouette’s were pure magic and evoked vintage Dior vibes for me upon seeing Rachael Finch in the Seclusion Full Skirt. Styled by Lana Wilkinson I relish in the white palette and the choice to add a hint of black with the heels. When I think of the bride that I hope to be one day this right here is the ultimate look I aspire to –  modern, fresh, feminine with a hint of the ethereal.


@T E S S S H A N A H A N

B y   J o h n n y   &   J e a n e t t e  M a r e e   M i l l i n e r y

When I reflect on By Johnny’s current collection I immediately think of designs asymmetrical in nature and Tess dressed in the Tie Shoulder Wave Gown is representative of this current aesthetic. What I love about this dress is its ability to move between something quite sensual due to its fitted form and something soft due to the movement of the fabric. Teamed with an exquisite crown by Jeanette Maree, demure makeup and the choice to pull the hair back showcasing the neckline ultimately continues to add height to the overall look creating a lengthened silhouette.


@_ E M M A D A V E N P O R T

E f f i e   K a t s  

If there is one item I want for my everyday wardrobe it is this little white dress from Effie Kats. Emma Davenport is nothing short of pure elegance with this choice of a long sleeved dress that falls to the knee. The cut is timeless but it is her unique choice of Jeanette Maree hair accessories and jewellery which elevated this look to iconic status for me. I applaud Emma’s stylist, Rachel Dennis, for moving away from traditional headwear and creating something fresh and truly unique.


@K A T E W A T E R H O U S E 7

A l e s s a n d r a   R i c h   &   C h a u m e t  T i a r a

Hailing from racing royalty we can always count on Kate Waterhouse to get it right and as expected she didn’t disappoint. Dressed in Alessandra Rich there was something quite 1980’s about this suit not only in length, but with the addition of the peplum and buttoned details. Let’s just say this modern take gives me life as I find the overall look quite empowering and strong. In addition, the choice to team the ensemble with an exquisite Chaumet tiara is a soft feminine touch that through contrast compliments this beautifully masculine look.


@R E B E C C A L H A R D I N G

W i t c h e r y

Typically I gravitate towards more traditional choices when it comes to race wear but Rebecca Harding in bespoke Witchery bowled me over. Not only did I love the collaborative effort with a high street label but her choice to dare to be different by selecting a top and pant ensemble resulted in a stand out look. The limited edition Rebecca Asymmetrical Top in milk white evokes something quite regal and when teamed with such a delicate headpiece not only does this result in perfection but I am getting some strong Swan Lake vibes which I am living for.


@C E S T V O G U E

O g l i a  L o r o  C o u t u r e   &   S y l v y  E a r l   M i l l i n e r y

Jessie Murphy in Oglia Loro Couture without a doubt represents the brand’s aesthetic to be fabulous, extravagant and sculpturally perfect. The sleeves of this little white dress are unlike anything I have seen for some time and appears to draw inspiration from vintage designs of the eighties and early nineties. To be honest I never envisioned myself loving puffed sleeves but I find myself completely won over and thrilled to see the design being reimagined and reworked for the modern woman.


@O L I V I A M O L L Y R O G E R S

E l l i a t t   &   M e l i s s a   J a c k s o n   M i l l i n e r y

A perfect monochrome ensemble the Elliatt Imperial dress pulls my focus with its fit and flair and though the Melissa Jackson hat is a statement it does not overpower the rest of the outfit. Wisely the choice to match the Olga Berg clutch to the colour of the dress and further the decision to keep this particular accessory small creates a proportioned look where both the hat and dress can be equally featured.


@N A D I A F A I R F A X

C a m i l l a   a n d   M a r c   &   M i l l i n e r y  J i l l

Nadia Fairfax in Camilla & Marc teamed with a veiled top hat is a look that pushes boundaries with its masculine influences. Most importantly it is ensembles like these which take a risk that ultimately propel race wear into the modern era and influences style evolution.


@M E L L Y _ S I N G E R 

W h i t e   R u n w a y   &   M i m c o

Classic and chic, Melissa has created a look that will stand the test of time. Contrasted with black accessories the minimalism of the dress creates a foundation for Melly’s accessories to make a statement. I relish in her decision to keep both her Aimee Kestenberg clutch and Mimco hat oversized as this adds balance and given the dress creates a fitted silhouette it is a choice which adds further dimension propelling the outfit to perfection status.


@T A R R A H . A L E X A N D R I A

T h u r l e y   O f f i c i a l   &   M i m c o

As someone who is passionate about Thurley I was undoubtedly biased when seeing Tarrah Alexandria dressed in one of my favourite labels. With their Saturn Rising Top & Saturn Skirt coming to stores this week these are versatile pieces for the summer wardrobe. Overall once teamed with the Mimco hat featured the look embodies something quite Mediterranean of era’s past creating one of the most beautiful looks of the day.


@E L E A N O R P E N D L E T O N

T o n i   M a t i c e v s k i   &   S y l v y  E a r l  M i l l i n e r y

Once again Toni Maticevski stands out from the crowd with a design that is rare given its length and cut. There is something both stately and ethereal with Eleanor’s overall look due to her choice of milliner and dress designer and the two compliment each other perfectly. When looking at the ensemble I feel Tsarist Russia/Romonov vibes and though I sense this grandness there is a softness too. It is an outfit of juxtaposition and works brilliantly.


@M A R I A T H A T T I L

E f f i e   K a t s   &   M o r g a n   a n d   T a y l o r  M i l l i n e r y

Similarly to Kate Waterhouse, Maria Thatill dressed in Effie Kats is giving me major Dynasty vibes for the modern woman. This is power dressing in 2018 particularly when teamed with a bold red lip to break up the required monochrome. What completes Maria’s outfit though is her choice of headwear, as the fedora brings a relaxed element to the suit dress creating a beautiful balance between strength and softness.