My Favourite Winter Essentials

Winter’s chill has finally hit Sydney and after avoiding the season for about a year and a half¬†I having been looking forward to true sweater weather… anyone would after literally calling the desert home in Dubai. It is truly remarkable how humans beings acclimatize because I forgot momentarily what cold felt like. Admittedly, winter in Australia is mild when compared to the rest of the world so for my northern hemisphere based readers please take the terms “chilly, cold… freezing” with a grain of salt ūüėČ

I appreciate the beauty of all seasons and the change that they bring, however winter is by far¬†my favourite, followed very closely by autumn namely due to its stability when it comes to seasonal style. Plus who doesn’t love hot chocolate, open fires and snuggly evenings, but I digress. Winter style is perpetually classic with any investments made into quality boots, coats, jackets etc bound to last¬†for many years¬†if made well but primarily because key winter pieces do not date. With that said rugging up against the cold, day in and day out can be restricting but the simplest way to breathe life into your classic pieces is through¬†investing¬†in quality garments¬†and an array of accessories to compliment your look.

With that said, todays post is dedicated to my current winter favs.

The winter fedora is must for any wardrobe and for those living in more moderate climates is a versatile year round staple particularly when produced in earth tones like cream, camel or beige. The clean lines of the fedora are bound to make any outfit more polished whilst complimenting and highlighting the structure of the face.


A C E   O F  S O M E T H I N G



A C E   O F  S O M E T H I N G



The classic leather handbag is a must to bring elegance to any winter outfit and is a wardrobe staple that is a key investment. Winter dressing means additional layers which can add unwanted bulk and given I am only 161cm this can be problematic. To ensure a streamlined aesthetic select a bag that is minimalistic in design and presentation. Material is also essential not only for longevity but a sturdy leather or faux leather bag provides the perfect contrast against a soft wool or cashmere coat and with this juxtaposition comes dimension sans bulkiness.








If there is anything that imprinted on me all those years watching Pretty Woman growing up, it was that one day I needed to invest in a killer pair of over the knee or thigh high boots. I know that film had a lot of messages and believe me I absorbed these in but what always stuck with me was how beautiful and confident Julie Roberts character looked in her thigh high boots. Growing up a child of the 90’s with my adolescent years spent in the early naughties it is interesting to look back at how these types of boots were perceived by society when worn in public. It was quite risqu√© for any young girl to be seen wearing knee high let alone thigh high boots, but times change and here we are in 2017 and they are all the rage. Thank you Pretty Woman for paving the way in the eighties for my right to wear boots without judgement today. For me these style of boots are a must for any woman, worn correctly they will bring new meaning to the phrase “legs for days” and they are a powerful item because they change how you feel about yourself. Don’t be afraid to express a more sexy side and be confident in how you present yourself to the world. If you’re experimenting with a new look or delving into thigh high boots for the first time and feeling apprehensive, choose a softer material instead of leather and work your way up from there.





T H E  I C O N I C


If there is one item that I adore most above all else, that is the classic winter coat and though colour preference is entirely personal I gravitate towards neutral colours, camels and greys but I also like to have a statement piece in burgundy or royal blue thrown in for good measure. However, lately I find that the aforementioned grey is my go to colour as it pairs well with transeasonal outfits without over powering them and I like pieces which are versatile in my wardrobe. The most important factor of any coat is its cut as different designs compliment different body shapes. I am short and curvy so I avoid double breasted creations opting instead for something that is cut into a v down the front preferably with a wrap waist. In addition, the material is essential to staying polished and well put together as some blends are more inclined to crease when worn and these little details can make a difference with how the outfit as a whole is viewed. Once you know the style that suits you buy your coats during online sales at the end of each winter season in your opposing hemisphere in preparation for the coming winter in your own hemisphere.





C O U N T R Y   R O A D


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