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There are times when I am a fancy traveller, but let’s be honest most of the time I am a proud cheapskate and would opt to backpack rather than stay at five star hotels. Don’t get me wrong it is not a case of personal preference because who wouldn’t want access to the champagne lifestyle? However,  I would rather save my pennies on my accommodation thereby freeing up my budget to see more of the world. Through my years of living the gypsy life Hostelworld has been the predominant app I have utilised as a backpacker, with slight deviations to Airbnb when I am feeling fancy and want to experience more of the local life. Hostelworld is a reliable source of finding budget friendly accommodation for your stay because rating is judged by backpackers alone who contribute scores based on security, location, cleanliness etc in addition to an abundance of reviews available for your perusal. What I appreciate most about their service is that Hostelworld recognises that each backpacker values something different in a property which ultimately influences their selection. Rating is broken down into 7 subsections including: value for money, location, staff, atmosphere, cleanliness and facilities so that would be guests can make their selection on the factors they value most. Personally security, cleanliness and location influence my decision to book a hostel the most and I look for high ratings in these areas. As someone who typically prefers to travel solo and use my time at the hostel to relax and write atmosphere is the least important contributor to my ultimate decision. With “more than 33,000 properties in over 170 countries” would be adventurers are guaranteed to find accommodation no matter where they are in the world even during high seasons in my experience.

 H O P P E R


Android and iPhone friendly

There is a reason why this app continues to grow in popularity and receives endless accolades… because it ultimately helps you save money, a service we all want and need. This app is not necessarily for those looking for a spontaneous trip as its value lies in predicting when the best time to fly will be and provides travellers with an array of potential prices to their selected destination spanning an extensive date range. So for the organised individuals amongst or those not bound by specified travel dates, Hopper is the app you need. Providing users with coloured coded options representative of expense you will be further advised whether to wait for prices to drop or proceed to booking should they estimate prices to climb. With continual updates one can elect to watch their specified trip for upcoming deals or proceed to book where prices are outlined against the carrier on offer. However, as I am currently in the process of organising a trip to Vietnam, I have noticed not all low cost airlines are included in their search results, therefore, be sure to shop around before proceeding with your booking if advised.

T H E  C U L T U R E  T R I P


Android and iPhone friendly

Currently, this is not only my number one travel app but my main source of inspiration when planning a trip internationally or even looking for something to do in my hometown. The opportunities to experience a new place on your terms truly are endless with The Culture Trip as travellers have access to 30,000 articles and contributor recommendations across a wide variety of genres including art, music, literature, history, food, film, design and travel. With such extensive coverage your experience in a new city will be more than just moments spent marvelling at famous landmarks but rather moments spent relishing in the soul of the city and the cultural elements which give it life. The app is user friendly courtesy of both its simplicity and layout. All one has to do is click on their cultural area of interest and select the country and city of choice at which point you will be presented with personalised and unique content bound to enrich your journey. Your travel itinerary is not complete without exploring the recommends through this app.

V I S I T  A  C I T Y


Android and iPhone friendly

With over 2000+ destinations on offer to explore and several new additions coming this app is perfect for those unsure what to see and do whilst on holiday. The app is perfect for those visiting a city for the first time as it lists popular sights and attractions and any relevant information associated with all these sights and attractions. The app provides an array of budget friendly activities, when and where to visit and even suggests food options all of which can be compiled and kept in your personal planner that the app provides for users. In addition, with several currency options available users can easily create a travel budget and even make bookings for particular tours of interest. Besides being a one stop shop for all your city information, tours, tips and tricks what I have come to appreciate most about this app is its provision of maps and aforementioned advice that once downloaded can be used offline. For anyone who has ever used their internet data whilst abroad only to return home to a whopping phone bill, you appreciate the importance of having access to city maps whilst offline.



Android and iPhone friendly

Now whom amongst us, doesn’t thrive off a good list? Anyone? Well let me raise both hands in honour of the pleasure and peace of mind a To Do List or Packing List brings to my life… and crossing things off said lists is quite the pleasurable experience. For my fellow list makers, you know what I mean. This user friendly app requires one to input their intended city of travel, specified dates, reason for travel and any additional activities that you might be partaking in. Before you begin packing PackPoint will generate suggestions based on weather predictions and even has options for those travelling with infants. You can customise the activities you seek to enjoy or select from options available like fine dining, hiking and swimming to name a few. For those venturing overseas be sure to include the international option in your search results so that your personalised list includes reminders to pack essential documentation like visas, passports and vaccination certificates. So should you be one of those people that despise packing or constantly afraid of forgetting something at home then this is the app to help you organise your suitcase.

G O O G L E  T R A N S L A T E


Android and iPhone friendly

At the risk of sounding sanctimonious if there is one thing that annoys me about travellers, it is those who expect everyone to speak English and hence make no effort to learn or try to converse in the language of the country they are visiting. No one is expecting fluency, but a little effort goes along way in making someone feel comfortable and valued by at least knowing how to greet them and most importantly knowing how to communicate please and thank you. In countries or cities where the language differs from your own knowing key words and phrases is also essential for travel comfort, safety and guidelines particularly in relation to direction and public transport. With an array of languages on offer to learn would be students can select translation from over 103 languages with internet connection and 52 languages whilst offline. Should you be out and about and need help translating text like street signs, menus or lables then the app will easily be able to translate what you need through use of your camera phone. We live in globalised world where travel is more accessible then ever before, in my opinion there is no excuse to not make a little effort.

Happy travels

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